Monday, December 20, 2010

2 snowey looks with Sally Hansen Candy Lace

franken w/ Fing'rs nail art paint & S.H. Candy Lace

so this is supposed to be icicles, anti-gravitational icicles, because the blue base polish is a sky blue, and they really are hanging off of nothing...... Whatever, just go with it lol!

2 thin coats of a franken I made with Wet n' Wild Blue Sapphire and white - seriously; Wet n' wild frankens turn out the best! I used Billie White which encapsulated all the shimmer in Wet n Wild Blue Sapphire. An added bonus to that is in Canada they are like 2 bucks each ( in USA .99 cents ) but many of th colors I have mixed up turned out lovely.

so; I started drawing vertical lines with the fing'rs nail art strip polish, then filled in the areas.... I had to go over 3 times to get the look I wanted. I know this would work out lovely with white nail polish and a fine brush ( thats for another day).

filled it all in, fixed up some sparse areas....

added 2 coats of Sally Hansen Candy Lace


I wanted to add this polish to my must haves, because I really love it - but I do not have any great photos of it. I love all the irregular sized chunks of flecks in it.... It is a perfect rendition of those big fluffy globs of snow that sometimes fall.

This is is 3 thin coats of Sally Hansen Candy Lace layered over a VERY sheer Icing LE no-name.

3 coats of Icing no-name sheer grey shimmer

w/ 3 coats of ally Hansen Candy Lace

Sunday, December 19, 2010

DEEZ NAILZ Polish's I couldnt live without - 2010 edition

 above Billie Blue Skies

 - this is  picture packed post -

There is more than 50 on here, I started to make a list of my top 20 polish's, but I couldn't weed out more than 30... So~ this is my 2010 list of polish's that I don't want to be without, that I would go to the store and purchase if I didn't have them or lost them, and that I would purchase again if needed.

I have a few other posts lined up in the next week or so;

MUST Have's -  polish's everyone needs
non polish things YOU NEED for fun easy nail art
my best frankens post
THE BEST things I have learned from YOU or figured out and shared w/ everyone
A hard to find or ancient polish post

I was very happy to see that most of these are part of permanent collections, and you can purchase them today - in stores or online. Some of these are Canadian only, and some are older. Many are replaceable, but if something should happen and I was without these particular polish's I would run ot the store and buy them all again

a fast drying 2 coat SOLID black creme that I don't have a photo of lol!
WNW  black creme

WNW  sapphire blue

WNW  night prowl

WNW  wild orchid

s.h.insta dri mint sprint

sh red carpet

sh blue me away

s.h. fresh lavender

emerald green

lavender envy ( layered over X-treme wear S.H Flirt which is also on this list )

green with envy 2 coats layered over a shimmery burgundy

love my nails all that

love my nails diva

icing dark & stormy ( dupes= ChG Rodeo Fanatic, JOE Fresh Peacock )

icing Bordeaux

icing Monet

icing 5 set le mystery purple

icing bamboozled again

NYC love letters

NYC skin tight denim

NYC prince st

NYC pier 17

NYC west village

I'm embarrassed that I don't have excellent photos of these next 3 - becuase they are fabulous!
-pure ice busted
-pure ice oh baby
-pure ice strapless

pure ice cheat'in

sinful colours rise and shine

mint apple

all about you

fuchsia purple

San Fransisco

i love you

confetti my favirote martian

indulge fudge brownie trio copper flecks

indulge tropical trio the orange in the middle is redonk!

China Glaze shower together

China Glaze spontaneous

( no photo )
Icing hazelnut

Icing hazelnut mini knock-off

claire's matte cobalt ( with matte TC )

claire's matte green ( with Nailene TC )

claire's 14 karats

Ardene matte about blue

Ardene apple-tini

Billie green meadows

Billie pink pansy

Billie Electric Purple / purple rain / purple haze ( all similar base colour with different shimmers)

Billie blue skies

Billie royal ( 3rd version)

Billie plutonium plum   (with iron red )

Billie silver (with alloy )

Billie steel blue

Billie electric Blue

Billie hot to trot ( a perfect shimmery blue to layer with )

Billie electric coral

Billie burning hot

Billie majestic

Billie regal

Billie grape ( scented )

Avon olive green

Avon jade

nail fetish gravy train

sh. nail prisms diamond

sh. nail prisms garnet lapis

sh. nail prisms ruby emerald

sh. nail prisms bronze pink

Arrissa rock amethyst

maybelline new years blues

maybelline violet aluminum

maybelline blackened teal

maybelline sapphire blue

maybelline matte brownie

la colors electricity

la colors copper

elf royal

midie #374

sally hansen soft satin ( layered over NYC China Town )

sally hansen iris opal ( 1 coat layered over Black )
♥ thanks mom I love You ♥

 Nat Robbins phantom ( chocolate brown with strong purple flash )