Sunday, November 7, 2010

♥ Some Funky Glitters ♥

top to bottom, 1 coat.... 2 coats etc.

Claire's Chunky Gold... this is more of a yellow, not gold. All of the Chunky Glitters were on the bargain rack at the Claire's store in my town in spring. I only bought the gold and Silver and now I kinda regret it becuase the snowmen polish ( blue-cross) have released very similar chunky hex glitter polish's in the USA. The silver is very pretty, and although this gold polish is beautiful in it's own way, they yellow tone makes it garish - but still wearable. I have whipped up a few cool frankens with this polish My (DL knock-off ) It was not as difficult to remove as I thought it would be...... other than that not much to say about it.

Below is a franken I made using Claire's Hollywood, a lovely multi-sized holo glitter. I added a small amount of Claire's Magic to this polish, I think it turned out very nice.

A note on making glitter frankens, add colored glitter to polish's that already have glitter in them. It is the FORMULA OF THE POLISH BASE that prevents the glitter from melting or loosing it's color.

This was 2 coats of my franken and on my ring nail is 2 coats layered over NYC China-town. I will likely add some purple or lavender glitter to this in the future.



Indoor Flo

 ...and finally a glitter sprinkle mani that was too thick but beautifully glittery.....

Below; before glitter. These are Nailene Natural Wear Artificial nails with the shimmery base # 77359. I added a coat of Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect in Fresh Lavender. Next time I am only doing the glitter sprinkle-ing once... and laying my hands flat instead of up ( duh ) the glitter effect became way to thick.

I tried to find a video on you tube on how to do this... but I could not find one. If anyone has a great tutorial on sprinkling glitter over wet nail polish, let me know ♥

I used and opalescent small square glitter that I found at Micheal's craft store around Easter-time. I did two 'coats' of glitter for this mani - and it ended up being way too thick. I also held my hand up immediately after and the glitter slid around on my nail.... leaving a large bump at my smile-line. So for next time it's only going to be 1 coat of polish, then a sprinkling of glitter, then a coat of clear and finally Top Coat.
 .... and there was glitter everywhere

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