Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Icing Grey LE and.... cheetah?

 I added the cheetah and zebra using black polish and a dotting tool, I did'nt fell like hunting around for my art brushes -but- I should have used a brush. It turned out decent for my first try. I may even try this with craft paint as it will eliminate some of the polish fly-away strings that are viable on some of my nails.

The base of this is an Icing ( by Claire's ) LE mini polish. I think this is the first GREY polish that I actually bought, and didn't franken myself. I think it is very pretty, the formula was great and the coverage was surprising. I have to add, that adding one of the primary colours to a grey franken (black+white=grey) a few drops of red, blue, or yellow, can subtly or drastically alter a grey franken.

There is a gazillion tutorials on You Tube for animal print nail art like this. I will definitely use a tiny skinny make-up brush next time, and will add the base colour of the cheetah spots, too.

Below is the Icing LE No Name grey no TC at 3 thin coats -  This applied very shiny but dulled too fast. I planned on adding the silver glitter that came in the same set to this but instead did these cheetah and zebra patterns (on my thumbs).

hmmm, this came out in summer 2010 I think.....

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