Sunday, November 21, 2010

♥ A Winters Eve ♥

 Whew!  I am glad I added those two pretty winter looks to my blog first. This turned out as I envisioned ~ but my photos don't do it justice. If you are not familiar with central Canadian weather, then you cant imagine someone mocking the beauty of a snowfall. The temperatures in my part of the country are brutal, the wind is fierce and the snow falling is not romantic and charming like in the movies or TV - We finally got our first real snowfall, and although I think snow can be pretty, It's put me in dismal state. Is there a nail polish exchange student program..... anyone? I'd like to hang out in Florida or Mexico for the next couple of months!

 sigh - here is my first winter theme mani of 2010 - I call it ' A Winters Eve '. Wet n' Wild black for the base, some gorgeous Nailene and Fing'rs nail stickers, and rhinestones ( both dollar store and Nailene - more on that later..... ) and Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope = I dabbed this on and smoosed it around, I wanted a sparse glitter look, not an overpowering glitter. I think if i used any other glitter it would overpower the Nailene Bedazzle #71042 stickers that look like snowflakes

Here is a photo I found of the Nailene Snowflake looking stickers from the Bedazzle #71042 nail art stickers....  The round holographic bubble stickers are from a long discontinued Fingr's set of nail stickers. 

From Nailene Reviews

and below are the more snowflake looking snowflakes
From Nailene Reviews

Also = In many of my photos below some of my nail crystals have fogged over, the ones that are still clear and faceted are Nailene Brand, and the ones that are foggy are the ones I found at the Dollar Rama Canada....they still look cool though, so I am not complaining. If you apply polish over these plastic 'rhinestones' they will loose their 'crystal-ness'

 so for this mani here are the products I used....

~ 2 thin coats of WnW Black Creme - best black polish EVER!!!!
~ applied nail stickers, Nailene and Finger's Brand
~ a dotted on WnW Kaleidoscope, and sorta 'smooshed' it around - I wanted a sparse glitter look.

Since there is no way I would be bare-handed outside right now - all my photos are indoors under fluorescent lighting, although I know this would look pretty outdoors with real snow in the background.

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