Sunday, December 5, 2010 thats a Christmas Mani !

Okay I am back with a real Christmas mani. This is a very easy look using two awesome Claire's foil finish polish's. Red Slippers and Emerald city are very thick and dense polish's, they dry waaaaaaay to fast ( even for me ). But they are beautiful shades packed with foil-ey goodness.

I began with 2 coats of Red Slippers and added a coat on Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. I wore this pretty polish alone for the afternoon and got bored so I went with the super-easy diagonal mani instead. I applied straight french tip guides on the diagonal and added 2 thin coats of Claire's Emerald City, I peeled off the french tip guides and traced the diagonal line with the silver glitter striping polish. I added 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat when it was all dry.

These 3 colours together are lovely Christmas shades. This is a super-easy look and looks great in any colour combination for any season. When I finished painting my nails the sun had gone down, so hopefully I will be able to get outside and snap some proper pic's tomorrow.

ugh! look at all that snow!

Claire's Red Slippers is a fabulous foil.

Below; outside in the shade and indoor Florescent

I applied Nailene Straight French Tip Guides and added 2 thin coats of Claire's Emerald City. When it was dry I removed the french Tip Guides and traced the diagonal line with the Art Deco Silver Glitter stripe polish...... when that was all dry I applied 2 thin coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat.

L-R; Claire's Red Slippers, Emerald City, Art Deco Silver Glitter, Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

all of the foils from Claire's store's are great! They are richly pigmented, shimmery and dry very fast. I think they came out in fall-time of 2009. I haven't spotted any foil polish from Claire's in the last year or so and I am glad I spotted these when I did.


Friday, December 3, 2010

♥ a simple diagional mani ♥

ALRIGHT!!!!! I need to spend more time adding to my own blog..... Every time I get on the computer I end up reading other peoples blogs and loose track of time! there is over 200-ish active nail blogs...... when I started my blog a few yearss ago there was only like 20-ish...... I am sooo happy to see that people all over the world are sharing their ideas and polish's and mani's.... makes my heart flutter.... So thank you to everyone who contributes all their ideas, their swatches and info.....

♥ And thank you to Brynne @ Glitter me Stupid for that quick comparison of Joe Fresh Peacock to China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic - that means that this polish Icing Dark & Stormy is close enough for me to not acquire Rodeo Fanatic! = = = Lemming Fulfilled!

 I am on a jewelery making kick right now - so I have'nt really been loving my nails as much as usual.there is sooooo many awesome videos on the interwebz & youtube.... and I also have seen a few nail blogger whipping up some cool stuff!

Here is a quick and easy mani using China Glaze Shower Together as a base ( 3 coats ). I applied Nailene straight nail tip guides on the diagonal and added a thick coat of Icing Dark and Stormy = which dried really fast despited being layered over 3 coats of the base polish I used so now I love it even more. I removed the Nailene Straight french tip guides and added Art Deco glitter stripe in Teal Glitter.... which is a mix of green and teal glitter.... I need a sunshine pic for that!

Products used -

China Glaze Shower Together - 3 coats
Nailene Straight French Tip Guides
Icing Dark & Stormy on the Diagonal - 1 thick coat ( that dried surprisingly fast!)
Art Deco Stripe Glitter in Teal Glitter Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat -1 oat

 I thought that the glitter would be a nice compliment to the two polish's I chose. The art Deco glitter strpeing nail art polish's that Ihave dry really, really fast. They are like alot of glitter polish'
s bases where it is almost like hair gel (?) it dries super duper fast. However I think that the other brand of stripe polish that can be found at sally's Beauty has a much finer brush - where the Art deco brand is great for use where you do not need a fine line.... the brush is thick with alot of straw wonky hairs that can be easily snipped off.

all my photos are indoors under fluorescent lighting.....

♥ Have a Great Weekend Everyone ♥

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Icing Dark & Stormy, Bamboozled Again and a franken

Icing Dark & Stormy 2 coats w/ TC - ring nail Is Joe fresh Peacock (2 coats w/ TC)

wow this is beautiful! Why did I wait so long to wear this? This is a vibrant, shimmery peacock blue. I am wearing 2 coats but I had some bare spots due to a shoddy paint job, so next time it'll be 3 thin coats with TC.

I have Joe Fresh Peacock - which is supposed to be Similar to ChG Rodeo Fanatic, and I read somewhere that Icing Dark & Stormy is pretty close to ChG Rodeo Fanatic, =  this is a lemming fulfilled for me. Although I am very happy with the colours I HATE those Joe Fresh bottles and those brush handles ---ugh!  They have a tonne of beautiful polish colours that were just released but I cannot stand those brush handles !  ( Joe Fresh is a Canadian Brand available at Loblaws Stores in Canada )

EDIT: I don't hate them... I take that back, I suck at using those large knobby handles, those polish's have a great formula, most of them are opaque and apply very well, My rage comes from my inability to operate a nail polish brush. The new colours are all sooooo pretty, too!

I could not find any comparison photos to back that up - so if anyone has any photos of China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic and Icing Dark and Stormy side be side let me know♥.

My ring nail is 2 coats of Joe Fresh Peacock - the color is a tad darker than Icing Dark and Stormy. Peacock has some major purple flash to it, while Icing Dark & Stormy is a striking peacock blue with no flash just hypnotic shimmer.  The shimmer in Dark & Stormy reminds me of paint jobs on cars..... that really deep shimmer..... multi layers of shimmer.... shimmer...... shiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmeeeeerrrr

I finally caught the sun for some outdoor photos. I *need* to take sunshine pic's of beautiful polish such as this, with intense shimmer.

whoops! This is upside down... sorry!

Indoor Flo

R - L Dark & Stormy, Peacock

L - R Peacock, Dark & Stormy

Icing Bamboozled Again is a bright matte light green. This needs 3 coats but I only did 2 here with no TC. I have worn this polish on 2 other occasions but never took proper photos of it. (.....However I did find a swatch photo from a few months ago..... but I cannot find it on my blog, hmmmm)

I tried to copy Chloe's shredded funky french mani nails but mine did not turn out so well..... Here is a How To from her awesome blog

 I used a small piece of green painters tape and cut out a jagged edge

@ 1 coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme - best black polish EVER!!!!

I thought it would take forever to cut these out but it did not take long at all!

I used clear polish over the back jagged edge -  I used a thin coat of Clear polish and I totally fudged this mani up becuase I didn't wait for the black to fully dry. After that happened I didn't even bother with proper Top Coat, I was planning on doing crafty things soon after, and I knew my mani would be trashed anyhow, so I left it as is.

Next time I will make my jagged edge a bit more thicker, as the individual peaks and valleys are too thin.

Finally here is a franken I made with a sparkly sheer Icing mini polish. I don't feel as if I improved it much, but I do like that the base colour is not so light and silver-ish. The black sorta smothers the bright silver shimmer.  It was sunny outside when I painted my nails - I intentionally picked this polish to wear becuase I wanted to take photos with some sunshine = but the sky clouded over before I could get out.... DANG!

I used Starry Eyes from the Icing mini set and added a black creme and some clear polish.  This is 2 coats layered over black. The silver micro shimmer is less prominent and the teal and blue flecks appear more visible. So I didn't improve it alot, but I do like it alot better this way.....

I used a matte Top Coat on my Ring nail

Matte on the Right

Here is a skittles of all the original colours layered over black;

and the set of mini polish's from Icing stores

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snowman and snow drifts

above and below; 3 thin coats of NYC Pier 17, Billie white for the snowman and Fing'rs nail art pen (old) for the glitter. I dotted on some areas with Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope, and used Wet n' Wild Black Creme for the black accents. This was very easy to do but I think I will skip the scarf next time. I added a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong TC, but I only wore this for the day. I intended to free hand some snowflakes on the rest of my nails, but I cannot do a good job with the free hand snow-flakes. I will stick to the stickers... ha-ha-ha, I mean I will stick to using nail art stickers for intricate things such as snowflakes and flowers, etc.

~ Snowdrifts ~

This is 1 coat of NYC Skin Tight Denim, followed by Billie Silver sponged on the diagonal with 1 coat of TC.  The sponge technique is a great way to add alot of flair to a mani VERY easily. I just dot nail polish onto a small piece of aluminum foil, dip the sponge in the polish and gently and dab it on my nails.... gradually fading it from the tips or towards the tips of my nails. I just used an ordinary kitchen sponge for this one, but using a foam craft brush works great, too.

And here is a few more photos.... All indoors under fluorescent lighting.

The rest of these photos are 1 coat of NYC Skin Tight Denim, followed by Billie Silver sponged on the diagonal with 1 coat of TC.  The sponge technique is a great way to add alot of flair to a mani VERY easily. I just dot nail polish onto a small piece of aluminum foil and dab it on my nails.... gradually fading it from the tips or towards the tips of my nails. I just used an ordinary kitchen sponge for this one, but using a foam craft brush works great, too.

Here is a gret video for learning the sponge technique on YOUTUBE....

And here is a few more photos.... All indoors under fluorescent lighting.

This Billie polish is super- duper, ridiculously metallic... it looks like tiny pieces of metal. This bottle has contaminated 2 perfectly good bottles of TC, before I figured out why my TC had little bits of silver in them.....