Friday, December 9, 2011

Hard Candy Just Nails Mini Polish's

I picked up three of these cute little Hard Candy polish's at Walmart earlier in the week.The green polish above is iridescent glitter pieces and what appears to be blue glitter. I layered 1 coat over 2 coats of Klean Color Army Green. No top coat on these photos.

( 2 coats of Klean Color Army Green )

I chose the green, orange/red and blue mini polish's

below;  Even though this is a nice colour with pretty gold-ish flecks, there was some weird black blobs in the bottle that showed up on my nails..... The cap isn't even black so I cant understand where the black came from = weird! I have read that this is similar to Hard Candy's Lava. This is 2 coats layered over a similar coloured red polish with a coat of top coat.

( my pinky nail is a careful application of LA Colors Stripe polish in Red Glitter - OMG its sooooo pretty! )

Monday, December 5, 2011

I can' stop doing this to my nails......

 Icing Monet, Icing Blue Goose and an un-named teal glitter sponged mani
 I started with 2 coats of Icing Monet, then sponged on Icing Blue goose, brushing polis over the tips of my nails for opacity,n then added 1 coat of an un-named Icing teal glitter and a coat of Top coat. Using Icing Monet as a base made Blue Goose look teal and no-where near blue.

I have at least a dozen other nail designs and nail art I wanna try out, but I keep coming back to these pretty sponge manis..............

 from a previous mani; Icing Monet

 From a previous mani; Icing Blue Goose

 Icing Monet, Icing Blue Goose, Icing Teal Glitter


Saturday, December 3, 2011

winter nail art

 Here is a pretty wintery mani inspired by Pallino Girl's post last week. The base is a sheer light blue with a subtle pink flash from Icing.....I needed 3 thick coats of this! This was part of a 5 piece set that I have had sitting untried for 2 years. All the polish in this set are very sheer and have this same subtle pink flash.

un-named ( of course ) icing set

 I added the swirly's with Kiss Silvor nail art stripe polish and the dots with Fingr's silver dot/stripe polish. I don't have alot of experience with making dots with these squeeze tube polish's - however - this turned out okay.

I have spent the last 25 minutes looking for the new Nailene Nail Art set that has these squeeze tube polish's and  abunch of other nail art items..... I could have drove to Shoppers Drug Mart and took a photo in that amount of time! Dang! Has anyone else spotted it in stores lately?

stuff i used; No-name icing polish, Kiss silver stripe and Fingr's ( Nailene )  squeezy-tube polish

3 coats, could use 1 more......


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a few WnW fast dry mani's & blogroll addidtions

 this was 2 coats of Silvivor, followed by a jiggly coat of NYC Backstage Brown, then I added some big copper hexagon glitter and traced around it with Stripe rite copper glitter. I am really loving Wet n Wild Fast Dry Silvivor....... I am even managing to not curse the stiff brushes when I paint my nails!

here is a few blogs I added to my roll, Also - everyone knows about F yeah nail art Tumblr, right?

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 top coat it

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Valentine Kisses

 the scholarly nail

 nail art passion 

 unhas decoradas by Ariane 

stuff I used for above mani - WnW Silvivor, Stripe Rite copper glitter and NYC Backstage Brown

..... and

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Sage in the City

Only 3 coats with TC - I thought I would need 4 or 5 coats but this surprised me at only 3 coats

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nail Fetish tank top w/ LMN Voilets are blue and some nail art?

this was 2 coats of an older Nail Fetish polish I found at the Dollar Tree in the USA, followed by some hearts that I fished out of a bottle of Love My Nails Violets are Blue.

The Nail fetish Polish surprised me at 2 coats..... there was some bare spots due to my application but it was a pretty decent polish for an old-timer, and it didnt smell terrible either! This is an eye-catching hot pink and a nice base for the light purple and teal hearts.

Polish's with large glitter pieces like this are a pain in the bunz - I end up fishing them out of the bottle and placing them on the nail with either a toothe pick or dotting tool. I do like the irridecent glitter that is in many of the Love My Nails polish ( which can be found at some Walmarts in the USA )

Nail Fetish Tank Top and Love My Nails Violets Are Blue

..... and some nail art

 Not sure what to call this  -

The base of this nail art is Icing Bordeaux, I added 2 coats of Wet n Wild Greys Anatomy, then used Kiss Nail Art Paint in Deep Purple and LA Colors 24K gold. I made purple swoopy shapes and went over them twice with the purple stripe polish, then added some dots with my dotting tool. I went over the purple swoops with the gold glitter... and added a little more glitter...... then a coat of TC.

stuff i used, Icing Bordeaux, WnW Greys Anatomy, Kiss Deep Purple LA Colors 24K Gold

This polish is a lovely duo-chrome - google it! I could not pick up the lovely colour shifting in photos. It is very VERY sheer and will definitly need to be layered. I tried to layer this over Wn W Silvivor and it looked aweful - So I suggest a nice opaque creme polish base.

 On my pinky, I added some gold hex glitter, and didnt like how it looked.......I think the dots on thier own are just fine.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Royal Sponge

 3 coats of a no-name Icing purple creme, a sponging of another un-named Icing gold shimmery polish and Gold Glitter stripe polish from LA Colors.

 Whenever I add glitter to my nails, I try to sponge on a light layer of a similar polish, especially for a look like this. This gold glitter stripe polish from LA Colors was not grainy at all! LA colours - I LOVE U!!!!

Here is is from a previous mani

This LE set from Icing has no names, does anyone else have this, or did anyone else come up with names for this set? I think this came out in 2009..... I am wearing the polish second from the right.....

..... and a few more photos

stuff I used, no name Icing polish's and LA Colors Gold Glitter

I sponged on this shimmery light gold over 3 coats of a pretty purple creme

 then added the gold stripe polish... ( I slapped it on = lol )

  and added a coat of TC

Friday, November 25, 2011


Hmmmmm, the last time I tried this type of dotting it didn't turn out as nice. The base is 2 coats of Icing Putty Concrete, and dots made with Icing Sandy Beach, Hazelnut and Bordeaux and 1 coat of TC.

I made the dots with a dotting tool and tried to have various sized dots. The colours I chose are a nice reflection of the gloomy weather and dingy scenery outside today. I will be painting my nails in bright cheerful colours this evening - Happy Friday everyone!

Icing Putty Concrete, Sandy Beach, Hazelnut, Bordeaux


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nubbins! a blingy purple mani

Here's something you wont see from me often = nubbins!

The base of this mani is Sally Hansen Naturistics Deep Purple, followed by a coat of Claire's Hollywood which I added a few drops of Claire's Magic to, then I added 2 coats of  blurple glitter from Icing.

The holographic glitter in Claire's Hollywood makes my photos fuzzy. I took a little break form artifical nails this week & needed to have somthing blingy on my nails.  Surprisingly this was very eay to remove with my regular NPR.

un-named Icing glitter

 Super Chrome Deep Purple.... this is a lovley purple chrome  ( discontinued )