Saturday, November 26, 2011

Royal Sponge

 3 coats of a no-name Icing purple creme, a sponging of another un-named Icing gold shimmery polish and Gold Glitter stripe polish from LA Colors.

 Whenever I add glitter to my nails, I try to sponge on a light layer of a similar polish, especially for a look like this. This gold glitter stripe polish from LA Colors was not grainy at all! LA colours - I LOVE U!!!!

Here is is from a previous mani

This LE set from Icing has no names, does anyone else have this, or did anyone else come up with names for this set? I think this came out in 2009..... I am wearing the polish second from the right.....

..... and a few more photos

stuff I used, no name Icing polish's and LA Colors Gold Glitter

I sponged on this shimmery light gold over 3 coats of a pretty purple creme

 then added the gold stripe polish... ( I slapped it on = lol )

  and added a coat of TC

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