Sunday, November 20, 2011

1/2 polish, 1/2 cement - dollar store crackle kit

I found this crackle kit at my local dollar store. It is a set if three polish's, a white base polish, a selection of other colours and a clear top coat. They had many different colour's to go along with the white base but I picked this hot pink colour.

I tried this pink crackle polish over Wet n Wild White and it crackled just fine ( on my index and ring nails ) so I will assume that these polish's will crackle over other brands of polish. The pink could be more pigmented, so I doubt I will be trying this over anything other than lighter polish bases. I used 2 coats of the whites, then 1 thick coat of the pink crackle.

While I really only dig black crackle, I had to try this kit out. At 5 bucks I will most definitely pick up another one of these.....  Next time I try this I will use a profane amount of the pink crackle over a base polish.

Also; removing this crackle polish was super-duper hard. Worse than glitter polish. I only used 2 coats of the clear top coat that came with this kit. I did not use base coat over my artificial nails, but I felt my polish remover could not break through the clear top coat..... also this was one of those odd smelling polish's.... you know; the ones that smell extra chemically?

While the nails with the Wet n Wild white base crackled much better than the white polish that came with this kit, the white polish that came with this kit was much more pigmented.......


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