Tuesday, June 21, 2011

simple teal funky french

I stopped at 2 coats, when I should have done 3. This is a bright happy colour, I will go through my collection and find something comparable. I used a teal stripe polish to make the curve and went over it twice with the teal stripe polish. I added top coat and then traced the line where the two polish's meet with the silver LA Colors stripe polish.

This Billie polish is a matte, and needs 3 coats. I didn't want to add top coat over the glitter as I am aiming for easy removal when I take this off tomorrow.

2 coats of Billie Cosmetic's Aqua - I should have done 3! No TC

stuff i used; Billie Aqua, teal stripe polish, and glitter stripe polish

under cloudy skies

indoor florescent

Monday, June 20, 2011

Billie Cosmetics Turquois w/ stripes polish

I started with 3 coats of Billie Turquois, a lovely lilac shade that is unfortunately named. I used hot pink and flourescent purple stripe polish on the sides and layered a shimmery polish on top. None of my photos have TC - my camera battery was dying.....

I keep trying to add the blogger 'reaction' gadget bt it isnt working. has anyone else had problems with this?N I like that reaction thing - alot of the time I don't have time to comment and I like that I am able to give feedback on people blogs by clicking those things..... I'll have to hunt around a little more and acquire more info.

3 coats of Billie Turquois no TC

stuff I used

and a gif made @ loogix

before the shimmery Sally Hansen polish

with Sally Hansen Pina Colada Pop

the orange franken I wore for 1 week

Here is another franken I made using the same 2 Billie Cosmetic's polish's; Orange and French White. I wore this polish for 5 days before I layered Nicole Fresh Squeezed over it.

I have added just plain white polish to many sheer or boring polish's with great results. This Billie Orange polish franken  gets alot of use.

w/Billie Orange......

here I have layered Nicole Fresh Squeezed over my pastel orange franken

This Nicole polish was much more sheer then I thought it would be. I think that without layering this over another polish, it would require 3 to 5 coats to hide visible nail lines and even out the brush marks. Thankfully I only paid 50 cents for this at a garage sale - otherwise I would be disappointed with this one.

... and I wore this polish a few weeks ago, Billie Cosmetic's Burning Hot 3 thin coats
 It is a shimmery burnt orange, like Orly`s Oh La La

Saturday, June 18, 2011

a quickie; Billie Purple

Here is a quickie mani for Saturday night. I started with 2 coats of Billie Cosmetics Purple, then swiped on an older Sally Hansen; Lilac Zinc, sponged on China Glaze Grape Juice then added an un-named dark purple glitter and Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope just past the lilac metallic polish.

The China Glaze polish Grape Juice disappeared beneath the glitters - but it did eliminate some of the brush-marks from the Sally Hansen Lilac Zinc polish.

Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope is a lovely holographic glitter polish, though it sometimes needs 2 coats of TC as it has alot of texture to it. I only added 1 coat of TC because it's saturday- and I am lazy and ready to dive into a big bowl of chips and watch a scary movie; Battle of LA.

Oh also I figured out the blogger follow thing - yippee!!!!Have an awesome weekend everyone!

3 thin coats of Billie Cosmetics Purple with TC

l-r; Billie Purple, SH Lilac Zinc, ChG Grape Juice, Icing Dark Purple Glitter, Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope

I swooped on a light chrome lilac polish  sponged on China Glaze Grape Juice

Billie Cosmetics Purple is a dark shimmery purple. 3 thin coats for opacity

an older Sally Hansen X-treme wear polish; Lilac Zinc


Friday, June 17, 2011

Billie cosmetics Mauve & stripe mani

I didn't want to remove this mani; it is so pretty! I have gotten so much use from that silver glitter stripe polish, it has saved the day ( or I should say - saved my mani ) so many times.

I started with a base of Billie Cosmetics Mauve ( whaaaaaat?  this is flourescent purple, no where close to mauve ), then applied a piece of green painters tape that I cut to size to the center of my nail and added the black polish at the base of my nails and Sally Hansen Moonstone chrome to the area at the tips of my nails. 

When I removed the tape there were some polish 'mistakes' so I traced the line with LA Colors Art Deco silver stripe polish.

Also; just in case anyone is curious.,.... all my computer issues were due to NOT HAVING THE NORTON ANTIVIRUS WORKING!!!! Even though I had installed it onto my computer - it didnt 'take' and so my computer has been exposed to who knows what for over 6 months. But so far nothing bad has been found and my computer is fine today. So even though there is tonnes of horrible internet virus's out there - nothing has got to me even though I had NO protection. I find that bizarre as there is always reports on the news about this virus and that trojan thing..... Thank goodness everything is cool. 

Hopefully I can start following people with deez nailz..... and not miss potato head below

now I have to figure out who I followed with my other blogger account!

anyhoooooooooooooooooo- back to the polish

 This polish is a flourescent matte; this is 3 coats with no TC

before glitter

SH Moonstone chrome, Billie Mauve, and black stripe polish

~ with glitter ~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a Lazer manicure & some new polish

The base polish is my mani form yesterday - LA Colors Lollipop, I applied 1/16th tape and added Billie Cosmetics Dark Blue. I found 1/16" graphic art tape at staples for 8 bucks.... its pricy ~ but you get alot on the roll. I should have pressed down a bit more on the tape before I applied the shimmery dark blue polish as there is some seepage and wonky lines. So far there is no sticky reside left over for the tape which is nice.

......and yippee! a new collection of Billie Cosmetics Nail Polish

ha ha ha at some of the names.... Turquois, the second polish on the left is a flourescent medium purple which totally fudged up the coloring in this photo.

I will swatch these.... soon

I used my new Billie polish Dark Blue

base polish LA Colors Lolipop

I used graphic art tape - i found it at staples for 8 bucks for a roll. I cant find a photo of the exact type of tape but here is a photo from the internet;

apply tape & second colour

remove & apply TC

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LA Colors Lolipop ~ wow this polish is a dollar?

This is 2 coats of LA Colors Lollipop layered over Sally Hansen Chrome Mayan Ruby with a coat of TC. These LA Colors polish's are available at the Dollar Tree & family Dollar USA for $1 USD, and in Canada at 'Only Deals' discount stores and some of The Bargain Shop's for $1.50 to $2.00 CAD. I think these are still on sale at cherry culture for $1.50

LA Colors Lollipop is a shimmery pink shade that need 4 to 5 coats to get to the bottle colour, so when I have worn this ~ I layer it.

below - 2 coats of SH Chrome Myan Ruby

center; 2 coats of Myan Ruby, on the left & right is 1 coat of Lollipop layered

SH Chrome Myan Ruby & LA Colors Lollipop

indoor flourescent

evening sun