Sunday, May 29, 2011

Plug Yourself Sunday & some 'nail art'

 This is some practicing with the stripe polish. The base I used is 2 coats of a pretty pink franken, a sponging of a white shimmer from Icing, and a coat of a  sparkly older Sally Hansen Polish called Pina Colada Pop. I added the butterfly stickers { Fing'rs Flirt } and then added some holographic pink hexagon glitter to the swirly things & a coat of top coat

Sometimes I can make a beautifully tapered line with the striping polish, and other times it looks chunky and wonky - practice makes perfect but for mistakes there is always glitter (which i didn't use but should have)

I got caught up in crafty things this weekend: beading and sewing new throw cushion covers. the beautiful weather we are having kept me away from the computer.

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 franken, icing no-name white shimmer, SH Pina Colada Pop (discontinued) and Fing'rs stickers

{ I sponged polish all over my fingers lol }

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