Monday, May 23, 2011

New Blog Monday &Sally Hansen Brown Chrome & Rusty Ballz

I know there is another name for this older Sally Hansen Chrome polish. I have hunted around on the internet for the correct name but cannot find it. It is a brown chrome from the discontinued Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Make-up collection

3 coats with Top Coat { sun }

indoor flo

 ... and new blogs!

OMG polish-em

The manicured monkey

Nic Nacks nails

ari-sweet delight 

nails by nicO



The Traceface philes

Midnight Manicures

 pass the polish please


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Pet fur in our polish

Clever and Colorful 

... and now the sad stuff  = THESE WERE BAD BALLZ!

 It says steel on the bottle, so I thought they would be fine. But they rusted in a few of my polish's

You really do need quality STAINLESS STEEL BB's for polish bottles

I bought these a few years ago and only added them to a few franken polish's.  I did not ruin any franken polish's that I couldn't re-make again. I did add these to some polish's that I had to throw away, thankfully I had back-ups of those.

Below is these same BB's in various clear polish's.

The smoothe silver ball came from a Sally Hansen bottle, and the 2 rusty balls are the walmart BB's that had been in a clear sally Hansen polish bottle. This was approximately 6 months later. When I repeated this recently these balls began rusting within days.

The top bottle has the rusty walmart balls, and the bottom bottle has the original Sally Hansen ballls

I placed these balls in clear Billie Cosmetics polish for 6 months = RUST!!!

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