Friday, June 10, 2011

more orange manis's, garage sale finds & polish thinner

I started with Claire's Dreamsicle, then sponged on 3 bright neon creme polish's. I added matte top coat; didn't like it, then added a shimmery micro-glitter franken.One of the polish's I used - Claire's Neon Burst, is impossible to photograph, it is a super duper bright neon is a photo from a previous mani

on all my nails except my pinky - I layered Claire's Neon Burst over white. My pinky  nail is just 3 coats of Neon Burst

The polish i used for this mani.....
Claire's Dreamsicle, Claire's Neon Burst, Icing no name orange shimmer, Claire's frosty orange mini

Oh now I remeber why this is at the back of my deez-elmer...... This polish; Claire's Dreamsicle is sheer, needs 4 or 5 coats and bubbled like crazy the last time I wore it. It is a pretty colour but after seeing it at 2 coats I decided to sponge on some bright orange creme's

this is what I started with; Claire's Dreamsicle 2 coats - no TC

here is a waaaaaaaaay better photo of this pretty polish
{ with bubbles lol }

and finally some garage sale success!I hardly ever find polish at garage sales so I am a happy girl

 Nicole Fresh Squeezed, WnW Virtual nails in Virtual Diamond ( never heard of virtual nails before) SH Xtreme Wear in Purple Potion, and NYC Big Money.

I'm not really a fan of Nicole or OPI polish, but for 50 cents I couldn't pass that up. The other three polish's were 10 cents! Yippee ♥♥♥

....and I finally bought polish thinner, fixed up a few polish's and have almost a whole bottle left!

This matte top coat from Maybelline was almost un-useable so I had to add polish thinner......

I had to add alot of polish thinner to this; the darker area is the actual top coat, and the clear area between the green lines is polish thinner.

I picked up Beauty Secrets acetone, and beauty secrets Nail Polish Thinner the last time I visited Sally's beauty supply. I have fixed-up 15 or more polish's and I still have 3/4 of the bottle. I am sure that this will last me a lifetime.

so I fixed this Maybelline TC; but this mani did not look good matte

... and one more mani; very rarely seen on my blog is orange polish. I rarely wear orange so I rounded up all my orange polish, threw them in a basket and am on a mission to wear them all.

I only have 2 Mavala polish's. The formula on both is great. This is a medium burnt orange creme shade that needs 3 or more coats to full opacity. I actually wore this for a whole day plain.... but added the dots just before I took it off.

2 coats of Mavala #72 Nice, no TC

... and some dotting practice

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

orange stripes ( I call this an Ice Cream Mani )

whenever I see a 3 stripe mani like this, I think of those Ice cream treats - they are red, white and blue....
I thought I would destroy my daily mani after a fun paper mache project but my nails miraculously survived.  My base was a no-name orange shimmer/creme from Icing ( Claire's). I applied 1/4" piece of green masking tape to the middle of my nails, then applied a pastel orange shade at the base of my nails, and a shimmery burnt orange at the tips of my nails.

I think the pastel franken has thickened up to the point of un-useable, there were some major ridges from the tape, so I added this lovely Wet n Wild polish which has holographic micro-glitter. I am not even sure what to call them. is there such a thing as  holographic micro-glitter?

Anyhoo - whatever it is called it is very pretty. I have a few of these sheer but dense micro-glitter polish's. they are awesome for layering, and can hide flaws like fluff imbedded in your polish, or small dents or other imperfections while not hiding your base polish or nail art.

Wet n Wild Rock Solid in Sparkling Diamonds

Billie Cosmetics Burning Hot on the tips of my nails

the base for this look was a no-name Icing ( Claire's ) polish. It is a creme with shimmer

at the base of my nails is an orange pastel franken

I used a utility knife to cut different thickness from the green masking tape

I used thicker pieces for my thumbs and middle nails, and a thinner piece for my pinky nail

@ 1 coat

w/ a coat of TC & weird camera issues

This Wet n' Wild polish; Rock Solid in Sparkling Diamonds is lovely!

New Blogs & another Orange Creme

 My mani for the day is 3 thin coats of an orange creme with subtle shimmer form Icing ( Claire's ). This is a bright flourescent polish that still had some bare spots after 3 coats. Most of my orange and yellow polish's have bare spots after 3 or even 4 coats.

I plan on adding something to this later in the afternoon - I am trying to get good use out of the many, many polish's I have, my untried basket volume is at critical mass ( that's a good name for a franken; critical mass.... hmmmmm)

I know that when blogger makes changes, there are usually a few kinks that need to get sorted out, so when I couldn't do certain things on my blog, I had to take a break. I still cannot follow people's new blogs, It says something about Google friend connect; and my craft blog Icon shows up so I cannot follow from deez-nailz -  which means that things will not show up on my dashboard or on Google reader. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Here are some new blogs I have come across recently or have been submitted ( thank you ). It's always fun to see what other people come up with in regards to nail art, and what other products polish lovers all over the world have access to♥

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 .................and a few more photos

this was in weak sunshine. I did a quick swatch of these 5 polish's below a few months ago.

This was one of the better sets of Icing polish I have purchased.  Very opaque and all dried fast

HERE is the link of my swatching of these 5 polish's

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SH Hidden Treasure layered over an orange sponged mani

Oh Hidden Treasure Flakies = you make everything gorgeous

This mani started out like this. I stretched my mani from yesterday, which was Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up. I removed the simple design I had on my ring nails then I sponged on a no-name Claire's polish which is an orange frosty abomination, and Color-Rama Sunrise Sensation, then I used Claire's Matte Top coat.

The sponging is subtle which is what I wanted. However I thought the flecks in the Color-Rama polish would show up much better. I added a coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure for more pizazz ( pizazz; lol)

WnW Sunny Side up, Claire's no-name Orange, Color-Rama Sunrise Sensation, Claire's Matte Top Coat

The no-name Claire's Orange mini

The peach flecks in Tahiti Sunrise sorta show up

..... and one more with Hidden Treasure

Monday, June 6, 2011

2 cheery orange mani's

I had to take a break from blogging. I literally did not look at my blog for 3 days! It is easy for me to spend 2 plus hours reading nail blogs and watching nail videos, and I had to go cold turkey for a couple of days to get some crafts and sewing done. I am soooooo behind on reading blogs and adding my own stuff.

-♥- I MISS IT WHEN I AM NOT READING NAIL BLOGS AND LOOKING AT NAIL PHOTOS -♥- but; my time management skills are terrible and I have a tonne of things I want to sew, jewelery I want to make and crafty home decorating things I want to do.

I have alot of nail blog catching up to do!!!!!

anyhoo;  this is 3 coats of Wet n' Wild Blazed, a fabulous eye-catching orange creme. I swiped a pretty shimmery burnt orange polish across the tips of my ring nails, and used a dotting tool to make graduated sized dots. I added the single silver hex glitter and a coat of TC.


I found 5 of the L.A. color's COLLECTIONS the next town over. The dollar store in Portage La Prairie Manitoba is awesome!!!!! I found the metallic's, french, disco, rock-star, and matte. I also found a display of Jordana polish and Jordana stripe polish, as well a s the LA Colors stripe polish & some of the LA Girls Color Craze polish's which was really nice because now I know where to purchase all of these in a real store vs. online.  Today I grabbed Metallic Olive, and even though I am off of my 'low-buy' I am proud I restrained myself♥

...... and another cheery orange mani

NYC Prince Street, 3 thin coats without TC. I tried to copy a beautiful mani I have seen recently but fudged it up so bad that it was un-salvageable. This is a darker range shade and does need 3 to 4 coats - all of the NYC in a New York minute polish's I have tried dry very very fast.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Orange butterfly & technical difficulties

here is my latest mani - a neon orange butterfly. I used  a base of a pastel orange ( franken), then sponged on NYC Spring Street and Sally Hansen Tahiti Sunrise; I used a black stripe polish to create the partitions.

When I began to add the white dots, I dragged my nails across the bottom of my desk and destroyed my nails - so I fixed it up with the black stripe polish and just added TC. I have had -2- manicure disasters in a row

 I am loving this bright orange and have already fished out all my orange polish's for a future manicure. bright polish's like the base here is the perfect thing for the dreary spring weather we are having in my part of the country.

- right now -

All that swearing and cursing about slow Internet speeds has caught up with me - our internet provider had some issues today and I couldn't get onto the internet. I am behind with my new blogs but hope to have that sorted out tomorrow.  In the meantime - here is a  dot-less, mutant orange butterfly wing manicure.

no TC on ring nail ( first nail  on the left )

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Plug Yourself Sunday & some 'nail art'

 This is some practicing with the stripe polish. The base I used is 2 coats of a pretty pink franken, a sponging of a white shimmer from Icing, and a coat of a  sparkly older Sally Hansen Polish called Pina Colada Pop. I added the butterfly stickers { Fing'rs Flirt } and then added some holographic pink hexagon glitter to the swirly things & a coat of top coat

Sometimes I can make a beautifully tapered line with the striping polish, and other times it looks chunky and wonky - practice makes perfect but for mistakes there is always glitter (which i didn't use but should have)

I got caught up in crafty things this weekend: beading and sewing new throw cushion covers. the beautiful weather we are having kept me away from the computer.

 Please leave your nail blog address in my comments if I don't already have you on my blog roll♥

 franken, icing no-name white shimmer, SH Pina Colada Pop (discontinued) and Fing'rs stickers

{ I sponged polish all over my fingers lol }