Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saran Wrap nails with Wet n Wild Polish

This is  a base of Wet n Wild Rain Check - and a saran wrap spong'in of Wet n Wild Night Prowl, and Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost. I thought that the black jelly base of WnW Night Prowl would overtake all the other colours and finishes in this trio - but it ended up looking great. There is alot going on with combination of colour and finish, black jelly, pink glitter, rich purple with blue shimmer and pinky iridescence.....

My plan was to thy the 'acetone brushing technique' again, but it did not work out. ( that was my 3rd and final try ) Whenever I try out new nail art that is not successful - I always revert back to sponging/ saran wrap. It never lets me down.

stuff i used; Wet n Wild Wild Shine Rain Check, Eggplant Frost and Night Prowl

no TC

with TC


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sweet Berry Wine!!!!

I made this franken using a silver foil polish that has copious amounts of bright silver particles and Sally Hansen polish called Radish ( poor name choice, right? ) a deep dark purple polish. I love how this turned out ! This was 2 perfect coats to full opacity with a coat of TC.

..... then I applied 1 coat of this lovely glass-flecked Sally Hansen HAN polish - Crystal Grape

here is a photo of Sally Hansen Crystal Grape on its own from a previous mani, It is very sheer but looks great layered over a similar coloured polish.

I painted every other nail with Sally Hansen Crystal Grape for this photo

And finally, I used one of those nail art squeeze pens to write on my nails. It wasn't as hard as I imagined it would be and the white showed up surprisingly opaque.

I'll never say I am the best - just the most fabulous.

 co-written with Dr. Steve Brule

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

top secret confession time

6 hours after doing this fabulous nail art and before I fell asleep I picked off all these rhinestones so when I woke up there was a few stuck to my arms & two on my neck- ( I put them in an empty gum wrapper  lol ).... I loooooove how this looks, and try to do nail art like this at least every month = but I have a compulsion to pop these off shortly after I apply them! Am I twisted or what?

For this mani I started with a base of Claire's Matte Grey. This is one of my all time favorites = it dries sooooooo fast and is usually a careful 2 coater. I added a coat of TC and pressed these random sized rhinestones into the wet top coat. They hung on perfectly save for a few I knocked off the wet polish ( index nail ).

 I picked most of these off some scrapbook stickers that I picked up at my local dolar store


Saturday, April 21, 2012

I don't forget about my Frankens

The base of this dotty manicure is a lovely mint franken, and the dots are also frankens.... I used a dotting tool to make the dots. The polish I used are Frankens i made over 2 years ago........Here is the original post

 the Franken dots......

from a previous post  ( 2 1/4 years ago!!! )

and some Saran Wrap nail art......

So the last sponge mani I did left some major bubbles! Over on ChromaCraze  I read about using saran wrap bunched up to apply/remove polish and it worked out perfect. It creates a different look then sponging does, with none of the bubbles and much less texture.

I used 2 of the same frankens from my dotty manicure above. I started with 2 coats of the lighter colour, then dipped some scruunched up saran wrap into a few drops of the darker franken. I was surprised that the blurple shimmer showed up on my nails .....

I also tried brushing on a layer of the darker polish, then using the saran wrap to remove it. This also worked out well.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wet n Wild Pink Stripes

These are my real, natural nails. At the moment I am painting and doing a bunch of around-the-house stuff that those decorating shown on HGTV make seem sooooo easy and not messy ( LOL). Hopefully I wil be finished by Friday and can glue on my artificial nails.

These two girly-girl colours from Wet n Wild Wild Shine must have been created to be used together! These both need 3 coats for opacity, they dry fast and they in-expensive. I love Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish!!!

this polish has a very subtly blurple flash to it.

Normally I would use straight french tip guides for this, however I really like this tape stuff. So far I have not had any sticky residue left on my nails. I find applying tape very hard to do on my right hand.... it took a long time and I need waaaaay more practice properly lining up the tape guides.

I made the mistake of doing an acetone clean up with these things still on my nails.... the acetone bled under the tape and slightly marred this mani. Other than that i really like this stuff. you can find it at office supplies stores ( i think this was 8 bucks ( CAD ). Cutting little pieces of scotch tape is too complicated for me....

I applied 2 coats of Wet n Wild Lavender Creme ( it is not lavender... it is an awesome 99 cent hot pink - *needs 3 coats* ) and let it dry. I applied the tape and cut off any overhang with a pair of manicure scissors. I applied 2 coats of Wet n Wild Frosted Fuchsia, brushing it on diagionally and waited till it was almost dry then peeled off the tape. I applied a coat of TC and will add 1 more. Brushing on the polish diagionally with the direction of the tape helped avoid alot of the ridges and bumps that I would normally get when using french tip guides or tape. 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

this is not what I had planned

 long post ahead- sorry!

Tonight, I had planned on practicing some nail art and working on my water marbling, but ended up with these DIY full nail stickers. Way back in October 2011 I made a bunch of nail polish...... wait, what are we calling these? They aren't really nail stickers, maybe they should be called dry nail polish? I don't know.....

Ummmm - What Is This Called ?

 I think I have read that this is called 'dry polish'. So I will call it that unless that is incorrect....let me know!

There have been some awesome tutorials for this on the interwebs this week..... So far my only complaints is that Wet n Wild Polish's Wild Shine did not do well with this technique, and the plastic needs to be pinned or taped down. Mine curled up and ruined some of my designs, so I used dressmake pins to pin them to a cork board.

I don't have a hard time drawing cheetah print on my nails, (both hands and my toes)I did this for science. This sheet of dry polish was kept in a zip-lock bag for almost 6 months. There was a little bit of cracking due to me not cutting out a small piece to work with - it stuck on my still wet base polish just fine. 

.... Also I suck at water marbling and have finally come to terms with that. This was my 5th try and I can do longer put effort into it. Now I can re-direct my envy, jealousy and despair and try to do this;

.... one day

Here is a previous mani I did with dry polish.... I was calling it 'make your own nail stickers / decals', but that really doesnt fit.


here is the sheet of dry polish I made 6 months ago

I applied a thick coat of clear polish to a cut-up piece of plastic zip-lock bag

I applied blobs of a shimmery gold/peach polish, then used my LA Colors Black nail stripe polish to make the cheetah spots.

I made a pretty big piece.... I doubt that I will ever use all this up.......

just  a zip lock bag with other dry polish sets for the future

I thought that I could be stealthy and reach into this bag and grab one of these.... but my polish was still wet and the dry polish sheet adhered to my nail!

cut to size and placed on the nails. I smoothed this down further - GENTLY -  and then added top coat

Before Top Coat                                                      With Top Coat

I started with 2 coats of Nail Fetish Babe - From the Dollar Tree USA! ( we have The Dollar Tree in Canada Now - I haven't been there yet.... Anyone from Canada been to the Dollar Tree yet? Whats the nail polish and glitter situation like? 3 litre soda? Anyone?

Because there was some major bubbles on my middle nail, and there was some cracking on most of my nails , I added this pretty shimmery polish from Icing called Sparklin' Girl. It has beautiful purple iridescent micro-glitter in it