Saturday, April 21, 2012

I don't forget about my Frankens

The base of this dotty manicure is a lovely mint franken, and the dots are also frankens.... I used a dotting tool to make the dots. The polish I used are Frankens i made over 2 years ago........Here is the original post

 the Franken dots......

from a previous post  ( 2 1/4 years ago!!! )

and some Saran Wrap nail art......

So the last sponge mani I did left some major bubbles! Over on ChromaCraze  I read about using saran wrap bunched up to apply/remove polish and it worked out perfect. It creates a different look then sponging does, with none of the bubbles and much less texture.

I used 2 of the same frankens from my dotty manicure above. I started with 2 coats of the lighter colour, then dipped some scruunched up saran wrap into a few drops of the darker franken. I was surprised that the blurple shimmer showed up on my nails .....

I also tried brushing on a layer of the darker polish, then using the saran wrap to remove it. This also worked out well.


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