Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wet n Wild Pink Stripes

These are my real, natural nails. At the moment I am painting and doing a bunch of around-the-house stuff that those decorating shown on HGTV make seem sooooo easy and not messy ( LOL). Hopefully I wil be finished by Friday and can glue on my artificial nails.

These two girly-girl colours from Wet n Wild Wild Shine must have been created to be used together! These both need 3 coats for opacity, they dry fast and they in-expensive. I love Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish!!!

this polish has a very subtly blurple flash to it.

Normally I would use straight french tip guides for this, however I really like this tape stuff. So far I have not had any sticky residue left on my nails. I find applying tape very hard to do on my right hand.... it took a long time and I need waaaaay more practice properly lining up the tape guides.

I made the mistake of doing an acetone clean up with these things still on my nails.... the acetone bled under the tape and slightly marred this mani. Other than that i really like this stuff. you can find it at office supplies stores ( i think this was 8 bucks ( CAD ). Cutting little pieces of scotch tape is too complicated for me....

I applied 2 coats of Wet n Wild Lavender Creme ( it is not lavender... it is an awesome 99 cent hot pink - *needs 3 coats* ) and let it dry. I applied the tape and cut off any overhang with a pair of manicure scissors. I applied 2 coats of Wet n Wild Frosted Fuchsia, brushing it on diagionally and waited till it was almost dry then peeled off the tape. I applied a coat of TC and will add 1 more. Brushing on the polish diagionally with the direction of the tape helped avoid alot of the ridges and bumps that I would normally get when using french tip guides or tape. 


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