Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sally Hansen Seaside with a shimmery sparkly franken

Here is a mani I just whipped up. I had been wearing the lighter blue polish previously and wanted to add something to it. I haphazardly brushed on one of my recent frankens to hide some damage from the day.

This is 3 coats of Sally Hansen New Lengths Seaside, and 3 coats of my Franken Holding Hands on an Escalator.  These Sally Hansen New Length polish's seem to take a long time to dry, and since I have been wearing NYC in a New York Minute fast drying polish's for the last week & a half I am intolerant of slow drying polish LOL.

 I have quite a few of these Sally Hansen New Length polish's but I rarely use these or purchase them anymore -  Sally Hansen is dis-continuing this line as well as the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails line.

This polish was on clearance so I picked this up at a neighborhood pharmacy for $1.24-ish.....It is a pretty colour and I don't think I have any light blue extremely shimmery polish's like this in my collection.

with my franken from the other day  Holding Hands on an Escalator

Here it is alone at 3 coats, I thought it would be brush-stroke-y but it wasn't that bad. It took a long time to dry, like all of these Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramic's ( what does ceramic's mean exactly? ) I did'nt even get to add top coat before I got all these dings.....

The colour is nice, but I am spoiled and want my polish totally dry in less than 10 min

Monday, April 4, 2011

new blogs & a fun summery funky french

This is a simple easy nail look using one of my recent frankens- I Ain't Missing You, China Glaze For Audrey and Art Deco Teal/Green Glitter stripe polish. I applied 2 coats of my base colour, then free-hand added the chevron french tip with China Glaze for Audrey, then traced over the line where the two polish's meet with the Art Deco glitter stripe polish - doesn't get much easier than this!

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and a few more photos....

L-R; Franken I Aint Missing You, China Glaze For Audrey, Art Deco Teal/Green Glitter stripe polish

The label on this bottle is falling off.... what up with that?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Franken and Plug Youself Sunday

3 coats of Claire's Matte Grey, with franken 'Laughing Through my Tears' layered over - NO Top Coat. I made this sheer franken with NYC East Village Sally Hansen White Dove and Sally Hansen Balance Frost I added some clear polish to that mix as well.

White Dove is a milky irridescent that leans on the teal side but flashes to a medium/deep purple. It is a weird consistency in that is translucent but also applies very streaky. I had hoped by watering it down with some clear polish, then adding the sheer NYC east village, and another milky purple iridescent polish I could make this a much more manageable polish and kick up the irridescent flash.

So this is  work in progress and I will have to add much more clear to SH White Dove to get it to the consistency and translucency that I want. When the Beyond Perfect polish's were available in stores I never bought any. I think they were quite pricey compared to other Sally Hansen polish's at the time. I did find an assortment on eBay last night ( oh my - ebay - you time sucker you ) and there are 2 or 3 Sally Hansen  Beyond Perfect that have a iridescent/duo-chrome or strong flash like White Dove. I'll have to hit up those dollar stores in my town for another one of these - hope they have some left.

Also; please leave a link to your nail blog so I can add you to my nail blog roll -  I will assemble a post tomorrow with all the new blogs I added to my roll.

2 coats of my franken 'Laughing Though my Tears layered over Claire's Matte Grey

NYC East Village , SH White Dove, SH Balance Frost and my Franken Laughing through my Tears

2 coats of NYC West Village - with 2 coats of my franken layered over West Village

3 coats of Claire's Matte Grey, 2 coats West Village on Thumb

w/ 2 coats of My Franken Layered

3 coats of Claire's Matte Grey no TC

2 coats of Franken Laughing Through my Tears layered over Claire's Matte Grey

Friday, April 1, 2011

Against All Odds Franken

Franken 'Against All Odds' 4 coats - no TC

Okay, it's not an 80's hair metal song, but Phil Collin's had alot of awesome hits in the 80's, and this is a wicked song.....plus I ran out of ideas for franken names and ended up watching dozens of Phil Collin's videos on You Tube.

I made this franken with NYC East Village, and Icing Starry Eyes which is a silver micro-glitter in a sheer lite blue base with blue iridescent flecks scattered throughout. ( Starry Eyes is discontinued  - it was very plain on it's own)

I am not sure if I should call the silver glitter in this polish fine glitter or micro-glitter..... it is very small but still obviously glitter.

The base colour did not change much for this franken. It was still very sheer, I may add some white creme polish to this in the future, but for now I am happy with how this turned out as well. I have 2 more frankens to share which were made with NYC East Village. So far they have all worked out perfectly.


fuzzy indoor fluorescent pic



Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Ain't Missing You Franken

Here is a new franken I made with NYC East Village and a plain white creme.... this is paired with another franken that is made with the same polish's, just different quantities.

These are both cremes with subtle shimmer. The darker franken needs 2 coats for full coverage, while the lighter franken needs 3 or more..... it is sheer but they both dried fast because both polish's that I used to make these have a great fast drying formula.

I used my nifty pattern scissors to make this scalloped design, I cut them out of mailing labels

see the gooey bits left over.... that's because it is very humid inside right now.

with a coat of TC

with Is This Love franken

with I Ain't Missing You franken

I made these two frankens with NYC East Village and Billie French White
above |L-R NYC East Village, Billie White, I Ain't Missing You and Is This Love Franken

♥ close-up ♥

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holding Hands on an Escalator franken

I used NYC East Village, With NYC West Village and a sparkly silver micro-glitter with blue iridescent flecks from Icing. So basically, this is my franken East/West Village  with some sparkly shimmer/micro-glitter thrown in. It is a little too sheer for me ~ here I have added 3 coats and there is still alot of bare spots. I find that the formula on NYC In a New Your Minute polish's do dry very fast. It's my favirote brand of department store polish!

I'm calling this one Holding Hands on an Escalator, because I don't want to get sued. I still have 4 more frankens to show from my 80's hair metal power ballads........... stay tuned!

Below is my Franken from the other day made with NYC East Village and a white creme. I named this one Is This Love, and I wore it for two whole days..... 3 coats without TC

I added the shimmery blue polish diagonally across my nail, at 3 coats there is still some bare areas and I should have added another coat. BUT -  I am lazy so I just added a coat of TC and called it a day.

Polish's I used for this franken East Village, West Village, and Icing Starry Eyes. Icing Starry eyes came in a mini 5 set from Icing by Claire's Stores. I have some photos of it floating round on my Picasa somewhere....

Gabrielle from The Edge of Sanity who thank goodness is posting again, has done some great swatches of these no-name icings HERE.

.... and a few more photos

With my Franken Holding Hands on an Escalator

With NYC East Village

With Billie French White

Monday, March 28, 2011

Franken - Is This Love

Franken 'Is This Love', 3 coats without TC

For this franken I used a very opaque white creme, Billie French White with NYC East Village. The shimmer from NYC East Village is still very apparent, it turned into a bright noticeable teal/blue. I am very happy with this franken, the formula is lovely and dries fast for me. NYC and Billie polish's are my two of most reliable brands.

I used NYC East Village, a white creme from Billie Cosmetic's...... and my franken 'Is This Love'

with NYC East Village


indoor fluorescent


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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mani Stretch with another shimmery franken

I really did not want to take my previous mani off, so I added french tips with a shimmery franken I also made with NYC East Village and an older Wet n' Wild Rock Solid polish called Pink Sapphire, which is a sheer buff shade with multi-coloured shimmer bits. I thought there would be more of a contrast between these two polish's, but they are a very similar shade.

My base polish that I posted earlier today, that I  called 'Welcome to the Jungle' is a grayed-out teal that I made with NYC East Village ( a sheer shimmery teal that needs 5 or more coats to be opaque ) and white and black...... I painted on the shimmery franken straight from the brush, I know I have brand new tip guides around here somewhere but cannot find them at the moment.