Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mani Stretch with another shimmery franken

I really did not want to take my previous mani off, so I added french tips with a shimmery franken I also made with NYC East Village and an older Wet n' Wild Rock Solid polish called Pink Sapphire, which is a sheer buff shade with multi-coloured shimmer bits. I thought there would be more of a contrast between these two polish's, but they are a very similar shade.

My base polish that I posted earlier today, that I  called 'Welcome to the Jungle' is a grayed-out teal that I made with NYC East Village ( a sheer shimmery teal that needs 5 or more coats to be opaque ) and white and black...... I painted on the shimmery franken straight from the brush, I know I have brand new tip guides around here somewhere but cannot find them at the moment.



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