Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Ain't Missing You Franken

Here is a new franken I made with NYC East Village and a plain white creme.... this is paired with another franken that is made with the same polish's, just different quantities.

These are both cremes with subtle shimmer. The darker franken needs 2 coats for full coverage, while the lighter franken needs 3 or more..... it is sheer but they both dried fast because both polish's that I used to make these have a great fast drying formula.

I used my nifty pattern scissors to make this scalloped design, I cut them out of mailing labels

see the gooey bits left over.... that's because it is very humid inside right now.

with a coat of TC

with Is This Love franken

with I Ain't Missing You franken

I made these two frankens with NYC East Village and Billie French White
above |L-R NYC East Village, Billie White, I Ain't Missing You and Is This Love Franken

♥ close-up ♥

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