Friday, March 25, 2011

East/ West Village Franken

NYC EAST Village and NYC WEST Village - a 50/50 ratio made this lovely franken. This is 4 thin coats, with my MIDDLE nail at 2 thick coats, which resulted in some bubbles. Wish I could get some sunshine pics of this = will do comparisons tomorrow.

Also - I think Blogger reset everyone's blog so that you have to verify you are human, and not a spam robot from the future. When I went to comment on blogs that did not previously have this the verify catchpa thing came up, including on my blog = = =booooo! those things annoying, but necessary to stop spam.

 NYC West Village & NYC East Village made this lovely franken 

 I am naming this polish 'Dude Looks Like a Lady' for the anonymous e-mailer who thinks I am a dude. I actually think that early 90's hair metal ballads will be the name of this collection of frankens (see my post from yesterday ). So i will have plenty of cool names. - its actually kinda hard to come up with names for my frankens - so 90's glam rock/hair metal it is! ( those are the same things, right? )

I will do comparison to other peacock-like colours tomorrow. This polish is just a straight up dark blue with teal shimmer, there is no purple or gold in here - it is very pretty and I actually wanted to purchase a polish just like this. it still needs 3 to 4 thin coats but dries FAST!!!!!

- the stickers come off very easy on these -

Here is the post on NYC EAST Village, it is a very sheer teal shimmer that needs 5 or more coats to opacity.

And HERE is the post on NYC WEST Village, which is a dark shimmery blue - it can be opaque in 2 coats and dries very fast - too fast, but I like my polish's like that!!!!!

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