Friday, May 6, 2011

black matte with silver glitter tips

This is a simple easy nail look, a matte base with a strong silver glitter. The contrast is neat, I am normally not a fan of the matte look, but this makes the glitter have extra impact in comparison to the plain dull base polish.

I applied TC to the glitter area after I took these photos to smoothe out any lumps. I like this glitter tip look when my false nails are trashed from jewelery making or around the house projects that are unkind to my nails..... it hides everything♥

All my photos are indoors under flourecent lighting without a proper clean up. I photo-shopped the nail polish mistakes in the above photo - I think I did a pretty good job!

1 thick coat of WnW Black with 2 coats of Claire's Matter Top Coat

I added Billie Cosmetics Silver to the very tips of my nails

I used Art Deco Silver Glitter Stripe Polish, extending past the silver.....

and added a coat of Love My Nial's Milky Way


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