Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pink Wednesdays & a lightning mani ?

This holographic glitter is very cool, but it is stinky, like a few other polish's I have. I was sad about that because this is neat. It is small circular glitter, and medium sized bar glitter, both holographic. I took this off because I could still smell it, even through top coat. And since I sleep in a choke hold every night, with my hands in from of my face ( don't ask..... ) I would not have a peaceful sleep, being able to smell this.

I have layered this lovely holographic glitter over Billie Cosmetic's Fuchsia. A bright pink that shows up orange in 80% of my photos. Like most flourescent polish's it dries to a satin finish

and with 2 coats of the glitter. This has no name and I am not even sure what the company or brand is. Is it CR or DR?

..... and a lightning bolt mani. I wanted to try this free-hand, without tape. I used Art Deco strip polish in Hot Pink on my middle nails and the rest of my nails were a similar colour of pink from the set of 5 stripe polish's I found at the Bargain Shop ( Canada ). The Art Deco polish is more Pigmented and dries shiny-er = just for comparison.

I tried to cut out  a piece of painters tape in the shape of a lighting bolt but my mani just didn't turn out. Next time I try this, I will do it like in Nailsides tutorial

I think this turned out okay. I would say this is more of a geometric manicure that a lighting bolt. This was 2 coats of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Rave Review and the stripe polish's. No Top Coat.

I wore this for the day before I tried out some nail art.

Sally Hansen Rave Review is a lovely warm silver/gold metallic, I really don't know how to call it - silver or gold.....  it's pretty and dried fast.

So here is how I made my lighting bolts.  I made two lines, parallel to each other like so.........

then connected them like so...........

then filled them in; like so............

I am terrible at explaining things so here is one more photo of that fabulous, but stinky holo glitter

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