Wednesday, August 18, 2010

♥ frankens and layering ♥

2 coats of Wet n' Wild Blue Moon
2 coats of Love my Nials Crystal
2 coats of my Jelly Franken that I made with Claire's Matte Cobalt and a clear polish

2 coats of Wet n' Wild Blue Moon
2 coats of Love my Nails Crystal

I made a really neat 'Gif' of the above two photos HERE,

However I could not get them to be the exact same size, I want to try and make 'Gif' of duo-chrome finish polish's and glitter polish's. I have seen this on an older abandoned blog and think it's really cool.

The next two photos are 3 coats of the jelly franken I made using Claire's Matte Cobalt and a clear polish.

Indoor fluorescent

Love my nails crystal was sort of blobbed on, then I had to fish out some of the large hexagon glitter to fill up he empty spaces. I love the colour and the way the tiny teal glitters look in this Love My Nails polish. The Brand LOve My Nails have some beautiful looking polish's and I am always surprised that they are not on blogs more often, they smell a little funkier than most brands but they are in-expensive and I think very pretty.

 I have tried to make jelly polish's before, but they never turned out right. If you are trying to make a sheer or jelly-ish polish like this I recommend using a matte shade, something with n shimmer, and no white. Claire's Matte Cobalt is just a straight up blue. there is no shimmer, and no white in it.  I wanted to make this for a future nail look and just decided to try it out over these 4 polish's...looks pretty cool to me♥

Below - L to R - Mucho Glitter, Claire's Chunky Silver, Claire's Chunky Gold, Love my Nails Crystal

Claire's Chunky Gold is YELLOW... that is not gold. I passed on all the other Claire's chunky glitters and just bought these two a few months ago. i think they are a fun polish but I wish there was alot more of the bigger hexagon glitters

On my pinky and Ring finger is a franken i made by mixing Claire's Chunky Gold, Claire's Chunky Silver, Love My Nails Crystal and a little Claire's Matte Cobalt. I also added about 1/4 teaspoon of a teal dollar store glitter.

clockwise starting from my thumb

Love my Nails Crystal - 2 ish coats
Claire's Chunky Gold - 2 coats
Claire's Chunky Silver - 2 coats
Mucho Glitter - 2 coats
Mucho Glitter - 2 coats

After 2 coats of my Jelly Franken that I made with Claire's Matte Cobalt

with Flash

And here is a few photos of Wet n' Wild Blue Moon. This is just a lovely polish and the subtle teal shimmer is very nice. This is the base  I used for these glitter skittles

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