Tuesday, August 17, 2010

♥ Icing Monet ♥

Icing Monet 2 coats with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

This is a lovely chrome polish. I think that Icing copied some of the colours from the china Glaze Khrome.and this is a copy of Sci-fi, the sea foam green shade. I think this is a beautiful colour and do not mind the subtle brushstrokes. This applied perfectly and dried super-duper fast. I am already looking forward to trying out the other Icing Chrome polish I bought, Van Gogh.




Here is something I have started doing recently;

I filed and created 'sets' of nails, so that in the event that I decide to remove my false nails and apply a new set they are ready to be glued on ASAP ===OR====  if i loose one and cannot find it to glue it back on - I have a perfectly shaped nail ready to go. I am only doing 4 or 5 of each nail at a time.

I sometimes use that that poster tack stuff to attach the pre-shaped nails to those large Popsicle sticks that can be found at dollar stores, I have painted these and then worn them this way, and I have done some nail art like this as well ( My 'Do You Like Fish-Sticks' Mani is a good example )

Here are some Nailene Nails that I filed to match my natural nails... I did 5 sets so that when I was ready to apply another set of nails they were already filed.

ALSO; In the olden days and on some artificial nails packages today, there is no mention of shaping the false nails at the base so they match the curve of your cuticles and nail beds.

YOU CAN file and shape artificial nails to match the shape of your own nails!

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