Sunday, July 4, 2010

♥ Purple Franken Diagional Mani ♥

2 frankens layered

Here are two pretty frankens I made. Even though I keep whipping up all these pretty frankens it doesn't stop me from BUYING MORE FRIGGEN NAIL POLISH!!!!!! Seriously, I am running out of room to store all my bargain nail polish riches. Anyhoo I made a very pretty lilac franken using Billie 'White' and N.Y.C. 'Chinatown', and layered another pretty franken I made using Wet n' Wild 'Pink Sapphire' and N.Y.C. 'Chinatown'.

This is 2 coats of my lilac franken followed by a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. I wore this plain for the day then added the sparkly franken to dress it up. I find myself appreciating just plain creme polish's lately = I used to be all about the glitter.... I guess I am growing up ( hahahaha)

I like the look of two contrasting polish finishes when I do a diagonal mani - two opposing colours on the color wheel looks cool, too. Actually - I think pretty much anything looks cool in a diagonal mani. It's such a simple easy thing to do to dress up any  manicure or to stretch out a roughed up manicure. I placed a Nailene french Tip Guide on the diagonal and and added 2 thin coats of my sparkly franken; probably should have used three. When I was sure it was dry, I removed the french tip guides and added a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. 

I swiped this sparkly franken on my whole pinky nail to see what it would look like =  but I loooooove my diagonal manis so of course I had to whip out the french tip guides.



To make this pretty lilac shade I used Billie White, N.Y.C. China Town

Shade with Flash = oops I wasn't wearing Top Coat yet in these photos...............


To make the sparkly franken i used to layer over my other franken I used N.Y.C. Chinatown, Wet n Wild Pink Sapphire and some clear nail polish.

L to R - N.Y.C. 'Chinatown', Wet n Wild Rock Solid in 'Pink Sapphire' and my franken

apply Nailene French tip guides diagonally across nail
I applied 2 thin coats of my franken that I made with N.Y.C. China-Town and Wet n' Wild Pink Sapphire and a little bit of clear polish.....
When it was all dry I removed the french tip guides and  applied a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat {{ there is no top coat in this photo......}}


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