Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 days!!!!! Wet n' Wild Teal of Fortune

Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune, 2 coats layered over 2 coats of China Glaze Shower Together and a coat of Nailene TC. I have been wearing this for 3 days and I dont want tot take it off = it is very pretty!!! I use ChG Shower Together for pedi's all the time, its 1/2 gone already. Even though Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune covers nicely in 3 - 4 coats, the brush is very stiff and I would have way to many brush marks and bare spots if I wore it alone.


indoor fluorescent

I wear ChG Shower Together on my toes all the time.....

indoor fluorescent

Saturday, February 12, 2011

NEW Wet n Wild's in Canada & 2 glittery looks

This is 2 coats of Billie French White, followed by Billie Amethyst sponged on the tips and 1 coat of Icing Passion hap haphazardly layered on top then 2 coats of Sally Hansen Strobe light followed by TC.

I must note that I had worn my nails plain white for a day and a half before I fancied it up - That might be a new record for me as I am not a fan of pure white mani's for some reason.

Sponging the area before applying glitter on a glitter tipped mani like this sometimes gives the illusion of an all glitter area. I tend to do this look alot and I am usually happy with how it turns out - regardless of the colours I use.

I looooove that there are different sizes and shapes in Sally Hansen Strobe Light, and I am glad that I used the pinkish shimmery and dense Icing polish, Passion, before I added the Sally Hansen glitter.

Yippee = the Wet n Wild Fast Dry polish's have landed in Canada!!!!! I am a little disappointed with the brushes in these -they seem very stiff- like the brush on my Wet n`Wild Wild Orchid polish. All the other polish's I have from wet and wild have lovely brushes..... weird

EDIT: these can be found at Walmart 2.89 CAD and Zellers 2.99 CAD

Wet n Wild Who wants to be  a Millionaire

  Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune


indoor florescent

with Billie French White, a stark white creme polish

 I used Billie Amethyst for the sponged portion

sponged using a 'sexy car wash' sponge

I then stroked on polish straight off the brush to fill in any sparse areas towards the tips of my nails

with Icing by Claire's polish Passion, a sheer shimmery polish

indoor florescent

...and another glitter mani

  I started with 2 coats of a pretty chrome polish and added glitter to the tips of my nilsd, and glittered up my entire ring nail. This is the large hex glitter from this hallowen sample package I found at the dollar store. I applied clear polish to the tips of my nails and sprinkled on the holo hex glitter.  When I was happy with my glitter coverage I added 2 coats of TC. These pieces of glitter were far to big for a glitter sprinkle mani.

Here is a photo of another pretty glitter sprinkle mani I did in summer-time. I didn't think that the size of the glitter would be a factor but a smaller size seems to be a better choice for the future.

 The holo glitter in this manicure is much smaller than the one in THIS POST.

....and a few more photos
 indoor florescent


Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 Valentine's Day looks

3 thin coats of Sally Girl Blink of Pink, freehand chevron with no-name Icing by Claire's neon pink, L.A Colors silver glitter stripe polish and a heart shaped crystal at the peak of the chevron. I probably should have added another coat of hot pink for the chevron as there are some bare spots.....meh.

3 thin coats of Sally Girl Blink of Pink with Top Coat

The chevron I can do - but trying to make a decent symmetrical french tip free-hand is going to take alot of practice, so I try to stick to straight lines via diagonal french tips. When it comes to curved french tips I use french tip guides; but I still practice free hand french tips every once and a while. For this mani I started with 2 coats of Maybelline Mod Mauve, followed by Billie Chianti at the tips of my nails, I traced the line with Art Deco striping polish in hot pink and added a coat of TC.

2 coats of Maybelline mod Mauve

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a copy of a copy...... with a *proper* GIF

This is a copy, of a copy. I first saw this on Dee's Polish Endeavors HERE, where she replicated another fabulous mani. Although the art deco stripe polish brush is thin and workable, I think I need to use something much thinner, possibly the 'stripe rite' brand of polish in the future to get a very thin line.

This is 3 coats of a franken I made, followed by the black strip polish, I added some Billie Purple Rain dots, and some clear and pink crystals I did not add TC to this, I kinda liked how it had a low sheen.

I love crystals and rhinestones, but I have this terrible, terrible urge to touch then all the time and want to pick them off - I think I'll have to get back to large pieces of glitter and nail stickers.

my awesome franken

LooGix has been a good gif make for me... hope this comes across alright. Since I am painfully terrible at writing instructions, I want to add more gif's instead of a massively loooong post. It is fun to try new things with blogging, I would love to make more nail art videos in the future as well.

Gif maker
Gif maker

art deco stripe polish in black

Billie Purple Rain

Monday, February 7, 2011

fun french tips w/ Art Deco stripe polish

a quickie mani, 2 coats of Rimmel Camouflage with black Art Deco Stripe Rite polish across the tips. I added a coat of TC and stuck a lite green fake rhinestone in the center.. This is supposed to be a curved chevron, I am trying to work on my free-hand funky french tips but I suck. I can barely do a straight line, but for some reason I can do a perfect chevron with the polish brush.

I think I should have used a polish guide for this one.... oh well.....Also, My Art Deco in stripe polish in Black is a very dense black that dries fast.

Rimmel Camouflage on its own - 2 coats

Sunday, February 6, 2011

...more sponge mani's!

This is 2 coats of Naturistic's Super Chrome followed by a sponging of Billie Alloy, which is a lite purple.

indoor flourescent

I prefer this type of sponge, as I find it easier to control where I am sponging, and it helps to create an even area of sponging. It is just a regular kitchen sponge.

 Here is a quick video I made using different types of sponges.

 If the vid doesn't work here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2QNnkZWOp4

a fuzzy pic to show off the pretty bits of ...... whatever is in this Billie Polish 'Alloy'

full sun



and another sponge mani............

This was Sinful Colors I Love You sponged over 2 coats of a franken I keep wearing. I made it with NYC China-Town and Billie White. I used the make-up wedge to apply this. I think I made a note to remind myself to layer this pretty Sinful Colors polish over a similar but more opaque purple polish as it is very sheer. I added a coat  of TC.

.... and one more look!

 I started with a base of NYC Mulberry Street, and sponged on a franken, and added 2 coats of this un-named old skool NYC polish. It is a very sheer lite blue with a little green flash, there is also some sparkly flecks in there....