Friday, January 28, 2011

Another 'pounced' mani with short video/slideshow

here is a variation on my previous post - I don't like this as much as my last one........

It isnt hard to put together a slide-show like this, this is my first one = = = there was alot to learn. I hope to make a few more slide-shows like this, it is fun and I love all the effects that you can add. I wanted to add some vid's in the new year so here I am♥

For this 'pounced' mani, I used 3 frankens I made with WnW Blue Sapphire. The two light blue creme's I made by adding white to varying amount of Sapphire Blue, the darkest one was my base colour, and the lighter colour I used to create this effect ......and a jelly made with clear and Sapphire Blue.

This is easy to do, the biggest obstacle is not having too much polish on the brush when you 'pounce' it on the nail. It is alot less messy than water marbling or sponging = less clean up and more control of what amount of colour goes where.

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