Friday, January 28, 2011

Modern Acid WasH = pouncing ♥

I am working on this 'technique'  above I brush off as much polish from the brush as possible and gently pounced on the nail bed with the polish brush. I tried to make a quick video but it did'nt work out. Instead of using the regular method of sponging, I tried this out. I have done another mani with this 'technique' and it turned out just as pretty as regular sponging. I am sure this isnt 'new' but I have'nt seen any mani's on the interwebz.....

I am calling this look modern acid wash,. But if anyone out there has a better name for a look like this ( besides marble or sponging, since I did neither ) please PLEASE write it in the comments.

POUNCING = with a small amount of polish on the brush, gently ponced the nail bed to deposit a small amount of colour, creating a modern acid wash look. It is a tad less messy than sponging, and ALOT less messy than water-marbling - but just as pretty.

I used all Wet n Wild colours. The base colour is Wet n Wild Bijou Blue, and I pounced on Wet N Wild Blue Moon and Wet n Wild Sapphire Blue. I added a coat of Tc when it was dry = and then added a coat of an older Maybelline polish Color-Rama Blazes of blue.

I'll mess around with my camera this evening ( promises promises.....) to try and make a vid of how I did this. it is sooooo easy and much prettier in real life.

 Stuff I used Base polish is WnW Bijou Blue, I added WnW Blue Moon, and Wet n Wild Sapphire Blue. When it was dry, I applied 1 coat of Nailene TC and then later decided to add a coat of Maybelline Color-Rama ( discontinued ) Blazes of Blue

I added a coat of Maybelline Color-Ram {discontinued} in Blazes of Blue. The effect is totally lost layered over this color combo and technique, but this is a sheer polish with sparse iridescent glitter pieces. It is very pretty layered over black or dark blue (I got photos of that.....somewhere )

peeeeeee-uuuuuuu this was a strong chemically polish! but very pretty

 Wet n Wild Bijou is a painfully sheer but pretty polish. Luckily it dries fast,other wise I wouldn't wear/model it. This is 4 coats and I could keep going, this may need 5 to 6 coats for full coverage. I have made 2 beautiful frankens with this previously. I have a POST HERE comparing this to two dupes.

yes! that is a huge polish crusty painted into my middle nail above LOL

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