Thursday, August 25, 2011

I -tried- to copy you! ......

This is supposed to be one of those cool splatter manicures..... I have tried this twice and cant seem to get it right.  The base is 3 thin coats of Wet n Wild White, with Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost and Wet n Wild Frosted Fuschia. Maybe the polish I choose dries to fast or is not viscous or runny enough to get the splattered look...... HERE is a great tutororial over at The Polishaholic.

So = this is more of a 'blobby' manicure hahahahaaaa.  ~ I tried. Its still cool but not what I was going for.

3 thin coats of WnW White over Nailene artificial nails.....

Below is an Explosion mani copy from Nailside, i stuck with only 1 colour as I know trying to make a 2 coloured explosion mani with crisp lines would be difficult. The day I tried this it was rediculously humid out as well. Next time I try this, I hope its as good as hers and I will use a corrosponding glitter for the next Explosion Mani like THIS.

I started with a base of Billie Royal, I applied thin triangles of clear tape like in the tutorial then used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Chrome in Moonstone. I added a thin coat of TC only to the feature nail becuase I ended up applying a coat of Pure Ice Rio over this and the rest of my nails (   now that i am looking at the photos - I think tracing the outline with glitter stripe polish would have been nicer..........)


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