Sunday, August 28, 2011

Plug yourself sunday and a fun project that I didnt really finish up

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In December of 2009 - I started a little challenge for myself. I tried to come up with as many easy-to-do looks as possible using everyday around the house stuff. I used french tip guides, sponges, mailing labels and toothe picks for the dragging marbles.... all were very easy to do.

For the polish's, I used Billie Cosmetics French White, and Wet n Wild Sapphire Blue. I used clear polish for some of the drag marble looks and Nailene Top Coat for the top coat. All the links for the origional posts are below & accompany the photos.

I have learned a few new things and would like to add a few more posts using these two polishs..... so hopefully I'll have a Deez Nailz Nail Polish Challenge #5 to post in the near future.

Nail Polish Challenge # 1
Nail Polish Challenge # 2
Nail Polish Challenge # 3
Nail Polish Challenge # 4

first up is drag marbling..... applying two different colours of polish and using a dotting tool, a toothe pick or any other small object to drag and swirl the polish's together.


Below; using curved and straight french tip guides- I used Nailene French tip guides placed on a white base in different patterns......

how i placed the nail guides.......

Here Is the link to the origional post.

The origional post for the looks below is HERE - below is a mix of using pinking shears ( or patterned scissors) sponging, and cutting out an extended 'S' shape from mailing labels for my thumb.

Below is some more drag marbling. The full post for below is HERE - I love my ring nail and pinky nail......this is the 'day to night' look that I copied form MayParis's you tube. My middle nail is a full on drag marble. Its neat; but I would rather sponge on a mix of polish for effect then wrestle with swirling polish that is rapidly drying.

the origional post is HERE, this is some more swirling and dots...... thumb had some serious bubbles.... too much polish


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