Sunday, April 3, 2011

Franken and Plug Youself Sunday

3 coats of Claire's Matte Grey, with franken 'Laughing Through my Tears' layered over - NO Top Coat. I made this sheer franken with NYC East Village Sally Hansen White Dove and Sally Hansen Balance Frost I added some clear polish to that mix as well.

White Dove is a milky irridescent that leans on the teal side but flashes to a medium/deep purple. It is a weird consistency in that is translucent but also applies very streaky. I had hoped by watering it down with some clear polish, then adding the sheer NYC east village, and another milky purple iridescent polish I could make this a much more manageable polish and kick up the irridescent flash.

So this is  work in progress and I will have to add much more clear to SH White Dove to get it to the consistency and translucency that I want. When the Beyond Perfect polish's were available in stores I never bought any. I think they were quite pricey compared to other Sally Hansen polish's at the time. I did find an assortment on eBay last night ( oh my - ebay - you time sucker you ) and there are 2 or 3 Sally Hansen  Beyond Perfect that have a iridescent/duo-chrome or strong flash like White Dove. I'll have to hit up those dollar stores in my town for another one of these - hope they have some left.

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2 coats of my franken 'Laughing Though my Tears layered over Claire's Matte Grey

NYC East Village , SH White Dove, SH Balance Frost and my Franken Laughing through my Tears

2 coats of NYC West Village - with 2 coats of my franken layered over West Village

3 coats of Claire's Matte Grey, 2 coats West Village on Thumb

w/ 2 coats of My Franken Layered

3 coats of Claire's Matte Grey no TC

2 coats of Franken Laughing Through my Tears layered over Claire's Matte Grey

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