Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Simple Gold Sponge Mani

The polish's I used for this look were Icing Manic Monday, Billie Gold, Icing no-name gold shimmer and ELF Golden Goddess. I sponged the Billie Gold metallic polish over my nails, then sponged on the no-name Icing polish over that and -extending past- the gold, then applied 1 coat of ELF Golden Goddess. I need another coat or two of Top Coat for ELF Golden Goddess..... it looks really lumpy plus the base on it is matte = but it dries fast for me so I am not complaining.

Icing Manic Monday - a dark, dark green

Billie Gold - thick metallic gold, very opaque & dries fast

un-named Icing polish - gold shimmer

The gold hearts did not hang on overnight..... many of them fell off. So today I removed what was still hanging on and sponged over my nails.

Polish's I used for this Mani
L-R Icing Manic Monday, Billie Gold, Icing no-name gold shimmer, ELF Golden Goddess

I sponged 3/4 of my nails with Billie Gold, and thick gold metallic polish.

* Sponged 3/4 of nail with Billie Gold
* Sponged on a sheer, shimmery gold polish, leaving a small area of the green base polish
* added 1 coat of ELF Golden Goddess
* Added Top Coat

and my Pot Of Gold St Patrick's Day from yesterday....... those little beads surprised me, I thought they would all fall off, but a surprising amount stayed on, even though I did alot of crafty things today.

Before                                                                                                 After

My nail is at different angels, so it looks like a totally different more rounded shape. I didn't think of doing a before/after till I loaded these photos. I think I would like these beads in clear, and pastel colours. Nail polish dissolves the finish on non NAIL ART micro-beads.

I set these into wet Top Coat but the colour still bled.

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