Friday, March 18, 2011

Pot of Gold St. Patrick's Day mani - its my first try♥

I used alot of polish's for this look, The colours are posted below. So far these lil' beads are holding on, even though I only set them into my wet top coat, the last mani i did with the hex glitter took forever to get off, so now I am -only- applying top cot over embellishments if I am going to wear my nail art for a few days.....

Below are gold 4 leaf clovers I made with heart shaped glitter pieces I found at the Dollar Store After applying top coat,  added a small dot of more Top Coat to stick these gold hearts to my nail. I will have to try painting clovers on my nails.... it is just 2 dots joined together with a V/point...... will have to do some painted on clovers in the future.

The base polish is Icing ( by Claire's ) Manic Monday, a dark green that was good to go in two coats. It dried very shiny on its own but is shown here with a coat of TC.
wtfudge----- where did that piece of fluff come from?

The colours of my rainbow are; Art Deco - Hot Pink, Claire's - Neon Burst, Sally Hansen XW - Mellow Yellow, Billie - Green Meadows, Sally Hansen XW - Blue me Away, China Glaze - Spontaneous

I used this tiny brush I purchased at The Dollar-Rama to apply the polish for my rainbow. I put a dot of each colour onto a piece of tin foil, it was very easy......

Here is how I made the pot of gold. I used a franken polish that is a dark mossy green... the shape of the cauldren is two oblong circles. I added a gold polish to the area where my micro beads would be placed,

Then using a stark white polish, I created a base for the rainbow - although this is not curved enough to be a real rainbow..... using the white as a base ensured that the polish's I chose would be much brighter then if layered over the dark green polish.

Then using my tiny Dollar-Rama brush I applied the rainbow colours

Then applied a top coat to the area I applied the gold polish to, and sprinkled on the gold micro-beads. I gently pressed them into the wet polish. I did not apply Top Coat to the micro-beads,

The 4 leaf clovers are gold glitter hearts I purchased at a dollar store in my town.... They are thick but they do stay on when set into wet polish, applying top coat over these does not ruin the gold shiny finish. I used silver and gold for the shamrock stems..... wish I just used a bright gold instead.

a golden 4 leaf clover?

And finally -  this is Icing Manic Monday, a dark green creme. All my dark green creme polish's dry fast and shiny. most are usually opaque in 2 coats ( Avon Olive Green = Best dark green creme polish ever!)

here is a quick comparison to some dark green polish's
L-R, Avon - Green Olive, Finger Paints Tough Art to Follow, NYC Flat Iron Green, Icing Manic Monday, Claire's Matte Green, shown clockwise below

below Left at 1 coat each, right 2 coats with Top Coat

.... and a photo of all the stuff I used for my Pot of Gold nail art

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