Friday, January 14, 2011

NYC MoMA, layered to make it opaque

Above 3 coats of NYC MoMA, layered over 1 coat of an opaque silver polish. I love this colour but was very dis-appointed to find it was horribly sheer, so I layered it over an opaque silver from Claire's. Seconds after I applied TC and Minutes before my photo shoot I marred my middle nail - DANG!

first 2 nails are 2-3 coats, nail on far right is 1 coat -  too sheer for me!

w/ 1 coat of silver and 3 coats of MoMA

Please disregard the difference in lighting and camera settings....and that terrible smear at the base of my middle nail.. Using an opaque silver or white  helps a pretty, but sheer polish like NYC MOMA to be more opaque and can brighten the overall colour.

Claire's Clean Slate - 1 coat

Claire's Platinum - 2 thin coats

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