Monday, October 18, 2010

LMN Diva, Sally Hansnen Cinnamon Incence & some exciting news ( lol for me)

Here is Cinnamon Incense; 2 coats, with Sinful Colors Call You Later; 2 coats, with 1 coat of Nailene TC.  I love how the green and small gold glitter in Sinful Colors Call You Later looks in the sun. The green is very prominent, while the tiny gold flakes of glitters catch the sun, and send off the most beautiful..... the most beautiful.... glint? or sparkle.... see I am mesmerized and cannot think of the correct term!

Sally Hansen Cinnamon Incense and Sinful Colors Call You Later

w/ Sinful Colors Call You Later

The exciting news is one of my craft projects was featured on an awesome decorating blog.

..... and here is another mani! I finally got around to using Love My Nails Diva!

I love these bar glitters in Love My Nails Diva. It is an easy to apply bar glitter consisting mainly of bright fuchsia, with some medium blue bar glitters added in a perfect ratio as to not overpower the Fuchsia bar glitters. I found this at Walmart USA for $1.00. I know Love My Nails polish's do not get alot of exposure, but I think there is some hidden gems in this collection. I always regret not picking up a few more when I hit up Walmart USA.

This was 2 coats layered over Sinful Colors NYC - which I will re-post in a fresh manicure. When I applied the Sinful Colors NYC polish, I kept touching stuff with my nails; my desk, my hair, you know how that goes. As with most glitters, I find that after 2 coats I need to go over a few sparse areas. I applied a thick coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat and called it a day.

 What is is with me marring my pinky nail lately?

 Below - This is an older Sinful Colors polish, it is a medium grey with subtle teal micro-shimmer




Sunday, October 17, 2010

♥ Some halloween Fails - Candy Corn and Ghosts ♥

This looks really textured and I think thats what I didn't like about it. The white polish I sponged on the tips dried waaaaaaaaaaay too fast! I will definitely do another candy corn mani; but I will be using nail tip guides to get a cleaner crisper line. I usually love the sponge mani's that I do. But this one......

N.Y.C. Spring Street, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, and Billie White.

Please ignore my pinky. When working with the dotting tool, do not let the polish sit out too long - as it starts to dry it will get gloppy and stringy. This dotting tool is good for making free-form shapes, I will definitely implement it for other shapes besides single dots in the future. I think these Ghosts are cute, but all I see is the PAC-MAN ghosts.... not Halloween ghosts. I think that if I traced around my nails, along the sides and cuticles, they would look more ghost like. Back to the drawing board!

 This was 2 coats of Billie White with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. I actually wore just plain white for the morning, and then tried out this ghost look.  Of course I had to add crystals! (actually these are the plastic crystals form the Dollar-Rama)

 Nailene TC, Wet n' Wild Black, Billie French White

I cut out thin tip guides with these patterned scissors

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Spider....or Scorpion

This is my first time using a squeeze-nail art pen. I know I spotted this Fing'rs nail art set at CVS in the USA, but it is not on their website.... I haven't seen this in Canada, but on my shopping this weekend i will pop into all these stores in my town to see if they carry this.

This thing is awesome! I have had this for a while but really didn't get into it yet. I did use those stars for another manicure recently ( HERE ) but these nail art stripers and fine pens used to intimidate me. But with a little practice I think I can whip up some cool designs.

I did a test run on the spider web design on a piece of paper and it was super easy so I jsut went for it. There is at least 10 You Tube tutorials on how to make spider webs on your nails.

For the spider I used Nailene Crystals; a tear drop shape and a small circle crystal for the head. The legs are just two short lines. I actually think this looks more like a scorpion, which is cool, too. I'll have to work on that.

Also, I think I should have drawn the spider line on the frost, where it's head is, and not on the back ens, becuase....ummmm....

anyhoo =  This was super easy to do.  I will invest in a few more colors of these tiny nail art pens eventually. For now I have a white one and this silver one which came with this Fing'rs Nail Creationz Nail Art set.

If anyone can find a non fuzzy photo of this... that would be lovely!

 setting sun

outdoor flash

pop off the cap = fine nail art pen

unscrew the cap =  striping brush

Thursday, October 14, 2010


When I saw this on Zombie Claws I had to copy right away..... I am not too happy with how mine turned out though..... I'll have to try this look again. This is really cute but not as easy as the Frankenstein nails I did a week ago.

super cute Frankenstein Nails LINK HERE


I felt like I ran out of room when I did the deep widow's peak hair at the tips of my nails. I wanted to do it the opposite way in the first place but was not sure how it would look.  I'm glad I took this off and did it the way I wanted. This guy below doesn't seem so menacing, it had to be removed ASAP! Here I used silver instead of white for the teeth and eyes, and it did not show up as well as white does.

My pinky nail looks like the goofy one of the bunch

These are Nailene So Natural Nails # 77359. They have a very subtle shimmer embedded through the whole nail. I initially wanted to use the white tip of my nail for Dracula's popped collar, and use the fine black stripe polish to create that. But it was waaaaaay hard - there would not be enough room for me to paint on his features.  So I buffed off the white tip and used the lower area for his fangs.

 I used these shimmery buff coloured nails for reference to the glittery vampires in Twilight = which I have never seen. I am waiting for all 3 to come out and watch them all at the same time.

Nailene So Natural Nails #77359

Stuff I used; Nailene TC, Sinful MagHony (lol), Billy White, WnW Black  & Art Deco Black

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

♥ Sally Hansen White Dove layering ♥

 1 coat of White Dove layered over Black with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top coat

I love opalescent polish's.  In low lighting and dim lighting, they are eye-catching and beautiful. I have seen bottles of beyond perfect at a few discount stores recently, but they were all pure white or other boring beige colors. I happened to get lucky ( sort of ) when I spotted these at my favorite store in town and picked up the three posted below.

 I know that when I was in the USA in summer, I spotted quite a few lovely  and STRONG opalescent polish's at Walmart, Love my nails 'Starling' (?) and one from Perfect 10.... I have put in a few special requests from other bloggers to see what these look like swatched.

One of my all time favorite looks is a sheer opalescent polish like this one, layered over black.

Also; this is the last of my natural, real nail photos..... I neeeed to put some beautiful artificial nails on ASAP! I am happy to report that I only cut myself twice, but today I had a somewhat painful finger injury under my nail. ..... and I don't want to push my luck! Thanks for all the kind words about my real nails♥


I picked up these 3 older Sally Hasen Beyond Perfect polish's at my favirote store in my town....  I was afew days late for these as they had restocked their older polish and I missed out of first pick. But wow- did I ever find some beauties!!!!


 Below - Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect Fresh Lavender, Cinnamon Incense and White Dove

 wooooooow - I love the opalescence of White dove in this photo.

Fresh Lavender has a subtle flash, and Cinnamon Incense has a subtle golden micro-shimmer

...... and a few more photos





A PSA from Deez Nailz;

I have seen some hauls recently with Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Diamond - You can layer 1 COAT of  this over ANY polish and the base color will show through while creating a brilliant and stunning HOLOGRAPIC polish!

Below; on the very left of my thumb nail is a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Prism's in Garnet Lapis, and on the right is 1 coat of White Dove. I always use Garnet Lapis Nail Prism polish to gauge the flash in other polish's. Garnet Lapis has the strongest flash and MULTI-chrome of all the polish I own.

I fell like i use Nail Prisms this polish Garnet Lapis alot, but I only need ONE thin coat layered over any darker polish to create this beautiful multi chrome effect. Thats why if you are in the USA, and you live near a Dollar tree you need to get your bunz there ASAP - becuase I read on MUA they have Older Sally Hansen polish's in stock!!!!!

The flash pink/aqua green flash is not as strong in White Dove as it is in Garnet Lapis. It base color leans way more green/teal. I do plan on frankening with this by adding some of the White Dove to Clear.... just for fun! I think it will be a very pretty sheer polish.