Tuesday, September 21, 2010

♥ Icing Bordeaux ♥

Icing Bordeaux - 2 coats with 1 coat of Nailene TC

This is a very pretty shade of one of the hot/in/now polish colours. I found this on the clearance rack at Icing but I barely paid attention to it when it was released earlier this year. I am surprised this hasn't shown up more on blogs & MUA becuase it took 1 1/2 coats to get to the bottle shade, this was surprisingly opaque. Most Icing polish's that ere straight cremes like this one are dependably opaque in 2 coats or less. The brush was nice and it dries fast, too.

Also isn't 'Bordeaux' like, a crimson-ish dark red shade, not a dark taupe?

These glitter packs are perfect for nail art. Each shade of glitter is 2 grams, and it goes along way.I love the large pruple and gold Hex Holo glitter.

I have been very successful with frankening loose glitter into polish's that have glitter in them already.

Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope is a good one for this. The loose glitter did not bleed into the base of WnW Kaleidoscope. If you can find yourself a glitter base polish to work with, I would suggest trying that before adding loose glitter into clear polish.

I found this glitter at my local dollar store for $1.29 CAD, and If I exclusively use it for nail art it is going to last 4-ever!!!!! Doing a glitter sprinkle mani takes like 1/2 of a teaspoon to cover all 10 nails.

I know Micheal's crafts stores puts out mini glitter packs with the seasons, in this package there is 2 shades of holo hex glitter, 3 shades of opalescent glitter and 7 shades of metallic glitter.

I do wish that they came in zip-lock style baggies, though.

Below on the right is a front view of my Index nail, my real nail. I took this for perspective on how thin my nails always are, and to show the thickness of the artificial nails I wear ( left). You can see my real nails peeking out on the left, and how as they grow out they curve, making my nail beds taper at the tips of my nails.

It is a friggen miracle that my nail has not broke yet. Normally I chop them all down before I apply my artificial Nailene nails, but I want to see how long they can get...........

{ I am holding Confetti My Favorite Martian }

here is a few more photos of Icing Bordeaux.

Shade w/Flash




Shade w/ Flash


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