Thursday, September 30, 2010

♥ awwwwwww- Frankenestein ♥

How am I going to take this off - it's soooo cute!

Have you guys seen this video yet?

These little Frankenstein's were really easy to make and are so cute!  I marred 2 of mine before my photo op, but these took less than 5 minutes to do! Except my pinky my nail length at the moment is nubbin's. I broke my 4 of my nails on a wicker basket filled with tea towels..... I could not friggen believe it as I have been doing some heavy duty crafty things and built some around the house stuff. = a friggen wicker basket = my goodness

I like nubbins and think that painted and taken care of they are just as lovely as long nails. I am aching to get some artificial nails on though, but am using the hot glue gun almost everyday, and painting Halloween crafts as well, so I am taking a few days off of wearing false nails. But I still paint my nails everyday! ( & take photos ).  I saw this video yesterday on Killer Colours and had to copy immediately!

 Here is what I used

Sally Hansen Mint Sprint, Art Deco Black, Billie White, and Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

Below are my nails, my real nails. I attribute their length to applying Nailene Brush on glue beneath the tips of my nails and keeping them polished. Normally I never let my real, natural nails grow this long, but I wanted to do a bunch of 'experiments' with them..... oh well, I still have my pinky nail to work with.

Sally Hansen Mint Sprint - 2 bubbly coats with TC

These DO dry super-duper fast = but I always get bubbles... no matter what I do!

here are my nekkid nails at the moment.

This is the glue I am brushing on beneath the tips of my nails... it is ALOT LESS MESSY than glue in a  regular bottle...... but as you ca see by the teeth marks on the cap..... it does have a few flaws..... mostly that it seals shut really, really well but that just means that it drys fast which is a good thing!

( my thumb nail I added a messy coat of NYC Luxury Lime Creme )

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