Monday, August 8, 2011

purple 3 stripe mani

( mini rant ) I feel like computers should be like the remote control for the television... you just click the buttons and everything does what you want. However, its way more complicated then that......

Here is a lovely 3 stripe mani, my base is the same greyed-out pale lavender artificial nails I had been wearing all last week, I applied a piece of painters tape diagonally across my nails, and filled the un-taped area with Billie Purple Rain, and Billie Mauve.

Before my polish was dry I removed the tape and 'squished' down any prominent polish ridges, then applied 2 coats of Nailene TC. I added the LA Colors glitter stripe polish on top of my TC.

This is striking, but easy nail look. I stuck a piece of blue painters tape to a cutting mat, then sliced 1/4 pieces for these nail guides using a utility knife.

apply tape over base colour, fill in with 2 other polish colours

remove tape, gently squish ridge and apply TC

see.... all those ridges and polish oops get covered up by the glitter

... I keep reminding myself to pick up more of these glitter stripe polish's......


Thursday, August 4, 2011

purple zebra stripes

I am still wearing those old skool Nial Fetish artificial nails, I added a coat of China Glaze Grape Juice which is a lovely light purple glass flecked polish, then painted zebra striped with the nail striping polish from Klean Color, then added a coat of Pure Ice Busted, a translucent lilac shade with gold purple and hot pink flecks of..... flecks.

I like that the Pure Ice polish smoothes out any wonky zebra stripes, I did a fast, careless polish job because this was my third try with nail art yesterday evening.... hopefully I'll get back on track.

.....and - I fixed my camera battery issue, I guess the little things were not connecting when I placed it in the battery charger - I was really worried about that! And also none of my photos have TC today its way easier to get a clear non-fuzzy photo without TC.


stuff I used; China Glaze Grape Juice, Klean Color stripe polish Duo, Pure Ice Busted

middle nail is w/ klean color nail stripes without Pure Ice busted

...... and one more

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

some purple under the sea nail art

 purple sea-weed?

The base is the same artificial nails I have been wearing all week, I used a striping brush for the Wet n' Wild Eggplant Frost 'sea-weed' then added a coat of clear polish and set deep purple hexagon glitter into the wet polish. Since I couldn't imagine spending the day without some shimmer I added Pure Ice Busted in the area towards the base of my nails.

Thankfully this beautiful purple hex glitter did not 'bleed' when clear polish or TC was added = I hate it when that happens, so now I tested all my glitter and made a note of whether it was polish friendly or not but putting a small amount on tin foil and then adding a drop of clear and a drop of top coat on top

I have a weird pattern with my nails art.... if I don't do anything fun and nail arty to my nails for a while - then start doing fun stuff, I fail at least 3 times before I do something I am satisfied with. Does this happen to anyone else? Also do camera batteries loose their ability to charge up fully? I'll have to Google that because the last few times I re-charged it not all the little bars showed up - which resulted in grey fuzzy photos.

Also - Wow! Wet n' Wild Eggplant Frost is a gorgeous polish!  I tried 3 different types of nail art today, 2 were fails and even though this was okay  ( for now ) I almost settled on a plain manicure of Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost.

Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost totally worth the $1.00 Walmart price tag


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When in doubt - sponge! 2 purple sponge manis

lol - that fluff!

Today, after my blog hiatus, I have two purple sponge mani's. First I frankened Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost with China Glaze Grape Juice. Even though I darkened the China Glaze polish, the glass flecks were still very prominent, so that's a good thing.

I started with a base of older discontinued artificial nails from Nail Fetish that I found at the dollar store. I mixed up WnW Eggplant Frost with China Glaze Grape Juice on a piece of tin foil and sponged it on the last 3/4 of my nail....when it was sorta dry I added a coat of Nailene TC.

ChG Grape Juice, a pretty pale purple glass fleck polish that I don't use enough.

stuff I used; WnW Eggplant Frost, China Glaze Grape Juice Nailene TC

While I do like China Glaze Grape Juice, I think it is a tad too light, so I frankened a small amount with Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost and did a graduated sponge on a lilac base.

this is the base of the above and below manicures,

These are old discontinued Nail Fetish artificial nails that I found at the dollar store, they are a light lilac and have subtle shimmer. I had to cut them down and re-shape them, they were a weird almond shape.... also I glued the wrong one on my index nail, it is waaaaay to big! Whoops.

..... and another purple sponge mani~

stuff I used, XW Purple Potion, Purple stars from Michelas Craft stores, Nailene TC

I did a graduated sponge, then brushed on the Sally Hansen Purple Potion on the last 1/4 of my nail then added the star & a coat of TC

this is an older Sally Hansen X-treme Wear polish I found at a Garage sale for .10 cents
Purple Potion is a medium purple with strong blue flash

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fingrs nail stickers & New Blogs

2 coats of Billie Aqua with Fingrs nail stickers and Claire's Matte Top Coat

there is some gorgeous nail stickers available out there. these fing'rs brand can be found at Walmart and other department stores. They go a long way and even though i have them on all my nails, I sometimes think that having 1 nail embellished with a sticker is prettier then having all my nails with stickers.

 I sorry this took so long! i am beyond busy and I erased the original post with the new blogs with their proper blog names,... grrrr! Thank you for adding your nail blog to my comments, and thank you for sharing all your photos and ideas.

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.............. back to the nail stickers.....................

to get the stickers off of the paper backing I bend the paper slightly and use a tooth pick to pick them up and place on my nails.

I have had these stickers for a while, as well as several sets of fingers nail stickers that i have sitting in my 'to use' basket. If you look closely at the photo below, the stickers are opposite or mirrors, one for the left one for the right, and i totally spaced on that and had to remove 1 from my nail..... and the size difference is subtle, but there is 4 different sizes in this package of stickers

I applied 1 coat of Claire's Matte Top Coat over my nails and although i like the matte-ness, i might add normal TC.

w/ Claire's Matte Top Coat

Tye dye nails

my inspiration pic from Cosas D' Chicas

I did a different colour scheme, I did like the yellow in her mani and will probably do something like this the next time I have a hankering to wear yellow polish ( which is like, once a year )

I sponged on these 3 colours....... using a sponge that is similar to the ones found on foam craft brushes from the dollar store..... I tried to randomly have the colours on my nails, overlapping and blending a little as well. I added a coat of clear polish and set the star gem & some silver hex glitter into the wet polish. After I took these photos I decided that I didn't really like the gems/hex glitter and picked them off and added a coat of top coat.... these 3 colours look very pretty together.

Billie Aqua

Franken ?

Billie Mauve

....... and remember my last mani?

here it is 24 hrs later, I picked off most of the gems on my index nail, they were getting in the way of my sewing/pining, but most if the gems at the base of my nails held on through my various activities...... I am getting into my sewing and am totally shocked these did not pop off right away!

I placed these gems into wet top coat, they held up well and i still had some difficulty to pry them of. I used normal nail polish remover to get the silver bits off......... here are my nails after i removed the gems.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Plug Yourself Sunday and purple fantasy nails

If you have a nail blog and would like to be on my blog roll, please leave a link in the comments

whew - another busy week. I made it a whole 7 days without artificial nails..... and did not injure myself or even horrifically break any nails. I kept them painted for 6 out of those 7 days, and only used acetone 2 times for clean-ups.

I missed my beautiful artificial nails, though, and was happy and relieved to glue these on tonight. My mani is Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac 2 coats, a coat of Nailene Top Coat ( which I thinned out, finally ) and plastic 'rhinestones' peeled off a sticker set that I found at my favirote dollar store in my town.  

These type of embellishments will fog over and look like bubbles if I add clear polish or top coat over them, which i still think looks cool= but for tonight, I set them into wet top coat. They have held on for a few hours, and it should be interesting to see how many last through the night, and through the day tomorrow. These can also be glued on with nail glue.

I waited for almost 15 minutes before I did my other hand and now when I add rhinestones to my manicures I try to keep them cloase to the BASE of my nails because they are less likely to snag on stuff, or pop off.

Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac - 2 coats with a coat of TC - last time I wore this I felt like it needed 3 or more coats, but today this is 2 coats......I left it upside down for a few minutes before I started painting and i think that maybe i did not shake it enough the time i wore wore.

The stickers from my favirote dollar store in town ( Loony Twoones dollar store ) The small clear stones have a very pretty colour shift to them, but they are sharp - the 2 different sizes of clear stones on my nails are from the Dollar-rama, I bought those a year or so ago. These are supposed to be for scrap-booking or to stick on cell phones etc.

some of these types of stickers do not peel off from their sticky backing, but before I bought these I tested them in the store. here in this fuzzy pic ( sorry ) there is no gooey residue left on the silver backing of the 'rhinestone' ( which is plastic so its not really a rhinestone)

tada!  I squished some of these a little too much and the TC has some ridges in it....

I was reluctant to add top coat over these - they will loose their facets, but also I have to pry them off with something sharp, and the month of July is all about loving your cuticles ( for me, anyway )

since these are $1 at walmart CANADA, i picked up a few for frankens. I meant to grab Sapphire Blue, but took Blue moon instead..... L-R White, Black, Caribbean frost and Blue Moon. of they are still a buck next time i hit up walmart I will snag some sapphire blue - for frankens.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

pink from that Klean Color nail duo

I decanted a small amount of this gorgeous stripe polish from the Klean Color nail duo that I wore HERE. This is a hot magenta over loaded with silver shimmer bits = I loooove this and need a real polish just like it.

Also the Klean Color website is fixed but these are not on there.... i really liked these and would buy more of them. They are scented, and come in pretty colours but the base polish takes a while to dry......

I might do the same thing for the purple shimmer stripe from the other one of these I have

I dumped out some clear polish and poured a small amount into this tiny bottle with a normal brush

and my sponge mani from yesterday, Billie Mauve & Icing Purple PJ's sponged on - i dont have a nice cleaned up finished picture.