Sunday, July 17, 2011

Plug Yourself Sunday and purple fantasy nails

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whew - another busy week. I made it a whole 7 days without artificial nails..... and did not injure myself or even horrifically break any nails. I kept them painted for 6 out of those 7 days, and only used acetone 2 times for clean-ups.

I missed my beautiful artificial nails, though, and was happy and relieved to glue these on tonight. My mani is Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac 2 coats, a coat of Nailene Top Coat ( which I thinned out, finally ) and plastic 'rhinestones' peeled off a sticker set that I found at my favirote dollar store in my town.  

These type of embellishments will fog over and look like bubbles if I add clear polish or top coat over them, which i still think looks cool= but for tonight, I set them into wet top coat. They have held on for a few hours, and it should be interesting to see how many last through the night, and through the day tomorrow. These can also be glued on with nail glue.

I waited for almost 15 minutes before I did my other hand and now when I add rhinestones to my manicures I try to keep them cloase to the BASE of my nails because they are less likely to snag on stuff, or pop off.

Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac - 2 coats with a coat of TC - last time I wore this I felt like it needed 3 or more coats, but today this is 2 coats......I left it upside down for a few minutes before I started painting and i think that maybe i did not shake it enough the time i wore wore.

The stickers from my favirote dollar store in town ( Loony Twoones dollar store ) The small clear stones have a very pretty colour shift to them, but they are sharp - the 2 different sizes of clear stones on my nails are from the Dollar-rama, I bought those a year or so ago. These are supposed to be for scrap-booking or to stick on cell phones etc.

some of these types of stickers do not peel off from their sticky backing, but before I bought these I tested them in the store. here in this fuzzy pic ( sorry ) there is no gooey residue left on the silver backing of the 'rhinestone' ( which is plastic so its not really a rhinestone)

tada!  I squished some of these a little too much and the TC has some ridges in it....

I was reluctant to add top coat over these - they will loose their facets, but also I have to pry them off with something sharp, and the month of July is all about loving your cuticles ( for me, anyway )

since these are $1 at walmart CANADA, i picked up a few for frankens. I meant to grab Sapphire Blue, but took Blue moon instead..... L-R White, Black, Caribbean frost and Blue Moon. of they are still a buck next time i hit up walmart I will snag some sapphire blue - for frankens.

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