Thursday, July 14, 2011

pink from that Klean Color nail duo

I decanted a small amount of this gorgeous stripe polish from the Klean Color nail duo that I wore HERE. This is a hot magenta over loaded with silver shimmer bits = I loooove this and need a real polish just like it.

Also the Klean Color website is fixed but these are not on there.... i really liked these and would buy more of them. They are scented, and come in pretty colours but the base polish takes a while to dry......

I might do the same thing for the purple shimmer stripe from the other one of these I have

I dumped out some clear polish and poured a small amount into this tiny bottle with a normal brush

and my sponge mani from yesterday, Billie Mauve & Icing Purple PJ's sponged on - i dont have a nice cleaned up finished picture.

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