Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tye dye nails

my inspiration pic from Cosas D' Chicas

I did a different colour scheme, I did like the yellow in her mani and will probably do something like this the next time I have a hankering to wear yellow polish ( which is like, once a year )

I sponged on these 3 colours....... using a sponge that is similar to the ones found on foam craft brushes from the dollar store..... I tried to randomly have the colours on my nails, overlapping and blending a little as well. I added a coat of clear polish and set the star gem & some silver hex glitter into the wet polish. After I took these photos I decided that I didn't really like the gems/hex glitter and picked them off and added a coat of top coat.... these 3 colours look very pretty together.

Billie Aqua

Franken ?

Billie Mauve

....... and remember my last mani?

here it is 24 hrs later, I picked off most of the gems on my index nail, they were getting in the way of my sewing/pining, but most if the gems at the base of my nails held on through my various activities...... I am getting into my sewing and am totally shocked these did not pop off right away!

I placed these gems into wet top coat, they held up well and i still had some difficulty to pry them of. I used normal nail polish remover to get the silver bits off......... here are my nails after i removed the gems.

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