Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Berry Blast Off

This is 3 thin coats of NYC Manhatten, followed by 2 coats of At Deco pink stripe polish, a purposely messy addition of Raspberry glitter and a few of those fake rhinestones set into wet Top Coat. I really should have used 2 coats of top Coat, becuase this glitter textured and marred what should have been a shiny surface.

It's strange how some glitter nail polish is smoothe and only needs a light coat of Top Coat, and some glitter polish needs 2 or even 3 coats to get a shiny even surface. I got these fake rhinestones from the DollarRama and if they are covered by polish, any polish, the shiny finish clouds over. So now I just set them into wet top coat.

These fake rhinestones hung on for the day despite being placed into wet Top Coat..... My thumb nails and ring nails lost a few gems towards the evening but none of them got stuck in my hair.... this time!

NYC New York Color Manhatten, Art Deco Pink Stripe Polish, Icing Raspberry Glitter

I used a piece of spaghetti ( not cooked lol ) to pick up these gems and place them into wet TC

My Right hand, which I plan on adding to more posts.... my left hand gets all the glory

Icing No-Name Glitter...... I think I'll call it Raspberry Glitter

 2 'coats' of Stripe polish

with the glitter & gems

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