Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yesterday Again Tomorrow franken

My camera battery conked out before I could get shots of the green painters tape on my nails. I started with a base of my latest franken, applied painters tape, and used 2 coats each Claire's Dream Catcher at my cuticles, and Sinful Colors Mint Apple at the tips. I removed the tape and applied Nailene Top Coat.

I carefully cut 1/4 strips of green painters tape with box cutter on ONE OF THOSE SPECIAL  HEAL-ABLE CRAFT MATS from the dollar store. I stuck down a 4 inch piece of tape, used a ruler and carefully cut it into 1/4 inch strips. I tried snipping pieces of green painters tape with scissors and it just didn't work out.

Below 3 thin coats of my latest Franken 'Yesterday Again Today' with a coat of TC.  I was channeling the newest OPI Collection's grey green 'On Stranger Tides'.

the polish's I used to make this franken; Billie Lime, Billie White, NYC Black ( old ) = My Franken

below - before TC

Above and below, the ridges where the polish meet are raised textured, usually 1 or 2 coats of top coat will 'melt' this away.

Claire's Dream Catcher

Franken Polish Yesterday Again Tomorrow

Sinful Colors Mint Apple

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