Thursday, April 7, 2011

Purple Rain Franken #2 'Integrity'

I whipped up some frankens with another one of my go to polish's - Billie Purple Rain. The original polish is a medium magenta creme with some subtle shimmer in it. I added Billie White, which is a fast drying opaque white creme. Adding white brightened it up ALOT, while still maintaining the bright colour. I added some nail stickers to my artificial nails as they have taken a beating the last few days.

This is 2 coats of my franken, 'Integrity' with a coat of TC. The stickers are old, I am trying to work though my massive nail sticker hoarding issues....

Below- with the original polish Billie Purple Rain

These old Revlon bottles came from the Dollar Tree- Yeeeeeaaaahh dollar tree USA!

Original - Billie Purple Haze, Franken#3 'Get'n down on the Low Down', #2 'Integrity' and #1'Faith'

For the first franken ' Get'n Down on The Low Down'  I just dumped some shimmery polish in with Purple Rain, the other two are varying amounts of white. Super-duper easy to do. However the white polish dries ridiculously fast &  does not self-level like most polish's and I had alot of brush marks. Billie French white dries fast and can cover completely in 2 coats. Most top coats I try with this polish pick-up the colour, so I usually use a coat of clear before I add TC when I wear this polish.

.... And below is a quick comparison of what this Billie Brand has to offer in regards to bright cheerful purple cremes with subtle shimmer. Purple Rain has subtle gold micro-shimmer, while Purple haze is a straight up deep magenta creme neon. Electric Purple haze silver micro-shimmer.

Billie Purple Rain, Purple Haze, Electric Purple

Billie Purple Rain, Purple Haze, Electric Purple

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