Friday, April 8, 2011

2 peppy mani's blog issues

 EDIT: Thank you stompy boot and to the others who checked things out for me. I did what you suggested and hopefully things will work out okay - I hope that I did not spread any computer cooties!

Also Stompy Boot is the old, old Nailbling her new blog is called Konad Abuse

2 coats of my latest franken Faith, made with Billie Purple Rain and Billie French white, followed by a sponging of Billie Purple Rain. I added nail stickers even though this was lovely with the two polish's alone. I probably needed 2 coats over the sponged on area, but I just added 1 - I needed to totally remove these nails as they had grown out.

continue reading please, for some reason my blog is being sited as un-safe by Norton Security so I might stop posting till I figure out what is wrong. They say there are threats on my web-site? What.... Where? In the meantime if some funky virus creeps onto your computer I am so sorry. The letter is posted at the bottom of this post.

Indoor flo
my latest collection of Frankens made with Billie Purple Rain

This polish 'Faith', is the lightest of the two pastels I made

Indoor flo

I added Billie White to Billie Purple Rain to get this lovely shade

and here is another mani I did with the same franken-polish 'Faith'. 2 coats of 'Faith', then I used my black Art Deco Striping Polish to create the curve and filled in the tip area with Wet n Wild Black. I added some stickers to this mani as well. I have amassed quite alot of stickers over the years, usually juts adding them to 1 nail, not all my nails. I also added some magenta holographic hexagram glitter pieces to the center of the flowers on the nail stickers. Shown with 1 coat of TC.

I did want to trace the line where the two polish's meet with a hot pink glitter polish but my camera died, so I thought... meh - it's Friday and my blog is temporarily F'd up, so I think I will just skip it and have a big bowl of chips and watch funny movies and try not to sob hysterically. I hope to goodness it's nothing serious - I think that allowing ANONYMOUS  comments without the catch-pa was a baaaaaad idea! That's the only thing I can think of that may be a threat.

indoor flo

 the two polish's I used, Franken 'Faith' and Wet n Wild Black Creme

I added alot of stickers to my thumb


here is the email........has anyone else had this experience?can someone translate this for me - what the Frigg does website body mean? *starts crying*. Am I supposed to add this 'meta tag' to my blog somewhere -  well where? help!!!!

I challenged the not safe rating and here is the response i got ~

Welcome to Norton Safe Web!
You have recently registered at Norton Safe Web as the owner of the following Web site:
Symantec analyzes Web sites and provides ratings by using Norton Safe Web. If the analysis shows that no threats exist on your Web site, Symantec rates the Web site as safe. These Web site ratings help our customers visit the Web sites that are safe and clean.
Note: When you submit your Web site for analysis, Symantec takes around two-weeks for analyzing and rating the Web site.
If you think that your Web site does not contain any threats or Symantec rating is incorrect, you can submit the Web site for re-evaluation.
To submit the Web site for ownership verification
  1. Do one of the following:
    1. Copy the following meta tag and paste it into your Web site's home page. It should go in the section, before the first section.

      If you cannot place a new meta tag in your Web site homepage add this to your list of keywords:

      For example:

    2. Create a file with the following file name and content:
      File name: nortonsw_42b6e430-4426-0.html
      File content: gv-02qb324lt637umxwaewzudq6w0kzob-8y7-3xi13jwo5wyn88tzi2-ra6il1qtzwd9kdrpqvw2ha21zojtbl0pg55voctpi3rpogopgtdb-46hikp4l8tgxv7xmbw
      Add this file at the root folder of your Web site.
      Verify that the file is publicly available at:
  2. Log on to Norton Safe Web, click my profile to open the user profile page
  3. Click site dispute and under Actions column, click verify site ownership.
Thank You!
Norton Safe Web

This is an automated message. Please do not reply. In order to ensure proper delivery of messages from Norton Safe Web, please add to your list of trusted senders in your email client.
For privacy considerations, please refer to our privacy policy here:
View the Norton Safe Web terms of service here:

im just a simple girl who wants to share her nail photos and ideas..... whenever things like this pop up in regards to blogging it's a tad stressful. so in case anyone out there knows what I should do - or anyone else has their blog flagged as 'not safe' i thought i should share. Hopefully Norton safe web will get back to me soon!


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