Sunday, January 9, 2011

NYC Chinatown franken 'Deco-Rate' w/ Icing glitter

I don't forget about my frankens! I was in need of a girly pastel purple, so I hunted down a franken I made with NYC Chinatown, and a plain white creme. I applied 2 coats of my franken and added some dark purple glitter, starting at the base of my nails and fading half-way towards the tip of my nail.

I have worn this franken polish 'Deco-Rate'  back in May 2010, and I really loved it, I am pretty sure  I did at least 2 pedi's with this as well  HERE is a previous post i have done with another NYC franken polish...., the difference between these two polish's is I added a few drops of a vampy shimmery burgundy to THAT bottle. 

I added 2 thin coats of TC, but this still looks too grainy, normally most glitters I wear regularly can be smoothed over with 1 to 2 coats of TC, I'll have to do some experimenting with these glitters - I imagined fine glitter would feel less rough on the surface of the nails....hmmmmmm.

On my ring nail is NYC China-Town, with the glitter on this nail as well - the glitter totally dis-appeared on this nail.

I went over the glittery area almost 5 times.... so its noticeably lumpy.
!!!!bonus fluff !!!!

w/ NYC China-Town

w/ no-name Icing dark purple glitter

w/franken ' Deco-Rate' that I made with Billie White & NYC China-Town



indoor flo

 cloudy skies

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