Tuesday, January 11, 2011

...a few looks with Sally Hansnen X-treme Wear in Flirt ♥

ahhhhhh- here is a lovely vampy shimmery burgundy - This is 3 coats with no TC..... I'm layering something over this later on today - I am not sure what yet, something that will cheer me up after my light-bulb fiasco.

 I broke....no =  The light-bulb I use to take my indoor nail photos EXPLODED. I knocked over the lamp I use for photos and the bulb shattered into 1 trillion shards of glass. When those CFL bulbs break- my goodness, there is shattered pieces with a trail in whatever direction it falls like when a meteor hits. It's not some specialty bulb its a regular sunlight CFL bulb that I bought at the grocery store for 3 bucks BUT I am having a hard time locating a new one - so my indoor photos will suck till I can find one.

ALSO: these are Nailene Artificial nails... the 200 count active square....

I'm an artificial nail wearer 4-life!!!!!

Sally Hansen XW in Flirt is an awesome polish.... I wore this on my toes for 13 days with no tip wear or chips in FALL-TIME 2009...... 

here it is at 1 ( careless) coat

I have to mention this 'suction cup false nail placement' thingy. I am pretty sure I got this with a package of Nailene artificial toe-nails a few years ago. It makes placing artificial nails onto your real nails very easy, and saves you from accidentally getting glue all over your fingers.

My pinky nail popped off after moving my X-mas decorations around.... I don't think I have ever mentioned this little 'helper' I am not sure if it is commercially available but it definitely comes in handy for some of my nails, as well as my toenails.

It's got some serious suction power

It's handy ....... and cute

... and here is 2 looks using Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in Flirt.....below; this looks bad!  i quit 1/2 way through this mani! = I'm a quitter ♥

TEARS!!!! X 1million, the photo above is after my light-bulb exploded. This was 2 coats of my franken that I made using Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in Flirt, and a white creme polish, I think I added a few drops of a rich royal blue to this franken as well....

I had planned on adding some glitter to the line where the two colors meet...... but after my bulb broke I gave up =  this evening I will be hunting all over town for this specific light-bulb.

Franken made with SH XW Flirt & a white creme, a few drops of Claire's Matte Cobalt.....

.... and a sponged look, using a franken I wore in my previous post.

This is 2 coats of Franken Deco-Rate, that I wore in my last post but wanted to wear it again, and SH XW Flirt sponged on. I did not like this on my nails so I took it off shortly after, but looking at the photos right now - I don't find it so bad..... hmmmmmm

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