Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a patchwork mani...............

My left hand looks good - but my right, non-dominat hand is not so good♥

This is 2 coats of Billie Silver, a swipe of Maybelline Express Finish Matte Rose and Claire's Matte Cobalt, I added a thin coat of TC, I'll be removing this in the a.m. because I don't really like it. IT NEEDS GLITTER - but I am trying to hold off on the glitter and work on mastering 'nail art' like this on my right hand ( which looks terrible . I'll have to stick to using tip guides or tape for my non-dominant hand.

Basically I swiped the red polish diagonally across my entire nail, and the blue polish across the tips of my nails in the opposite direction. then I added a thin coat of TC.

Also; This Billie polish is found on many Canadian Dollar-stores, mostly independent dollar stores but in central and western Canada it can be found at Dollar Giant. HERE is the post on my Ontario haul of polish's , and HERE is my page with bottle shots of all the Billie polish I currently have ( p.s. can Midie polish still be found at Canadian dollar stores - that's a good in-expensive polish with lots of pretty colours and finishes)

Billie Silver

Maybelline Matte Rose ( old skool polish )

Claire's Matte Cobalt

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