Sunday, December 12, 2010

♥ a snowey afternoon & S.H. chrome comparisons♥

Pure Ice In The Mood, Icing No-Name silver and Blue Glitter 

Pure Ice in the Mood needs 3 to 5 coats to be opaque, I layered 3  coats it over an older Sally Hansen Chrome, then added a blue and silver glitter. I had hoped to achieve a more gradient effect, but I was painting my nails by the light of my computer monitor ( it was very early ).

Light blue, silver and white are my home decor Christmas colours this year, so I have been hankering to paint my nails soft blues and silver and since BOTH OF THESE POLISH"S ARE UN-TRIED'S - I thought this would be a perfect combo for a snowy Christmas mani,......

I love the subtle tone on tone flakes of Pure Ice In The Mood, and the simple light blue and silver glitter polish from Icing is a lovely compliment to this icy blue base. I had intended to sponge on  a white creme polish at the base of my nails - to give the glitter a little 'oomph'- but it was too early in the a.m. for that.

Strangely I only needed 1 coat of Nailene Top Coat.  This glitter laid flat on my nails and was not rough or textured before Top Coat. The multi-colours Icing Glitter that I had previously worn was much stronger scented than the blue and silver one; this smelled like a normal polish. It dried very fast, as well even at 4 coats that I used here.



Pure Ice In Th Mood, No Name Icing Blue/Silver Glitter & Nailene TC
( my camera was frozen = fuzzi-ness )

indoor fluorescent

indoor fluorescent

Before I polish, or  after I polish, I use a small stiff brush to surround my nail bed with lotion... any lotion,  when my polish is dry it peels up off my cuticle. If I do this and let my nails dry I don't have to do an acetone clean-up

The lotion sinks into my skin - creating a barrier that prevents nail polish from adhering.  I usually wait for my mani to dry, then gently peel the cured polish off,  I just have to was my hands after my polish is dry, and any polish mistakes that ended up on my cuticles get washed away. Sometimes when I am in a rush I do an acetone clean up and the lotion helps protect my skin and cuticles from drying out.

You do not need alot of lotion to prevent nail polish from adhering to your cuticles. I used to use just plain old Vaseline and that worked great too, but I found that it ends up on my nail bed, so now I use a small angled brush to apply a regular hand lotion tot he skin around my cuticles and then polish. Her

( I wish I took photos of the lotion on my skin... next time )

Here is a huge piece of polish that I easily peeled off

 I layered the Pure Ice Polish In The Mood over Sally Hansen Chrome Turquoise Chrome ( square bottle ) I don't know what I was thinking, but I meant to layer this over the lighter blue S.H. Chrome Sapphire ( whoops - It still turned out pretty though). I think I was enamored by the ollllllld square bottle so I picked that up and started polishing(lol)

and just for funz - here is a comparison of my blue Sally Hansen Chrome Polish's

L-R; Turquoise, Sapphire, Turquoise 
the 2 'turquoise' polish's are totally different colours. the one on the left is much more gree, while the one on the right is a darker Royal Blue chrome.

bottle shots - why are there 3 different bottle styles? 

L-R; Turquoise, Sapphire, Turquoise

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