Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nail Fetish Foxy and some Nail Fetish swatches ( Old Skool )

Nail fetish Foxy is a deep mahogany jelly with gold micro-glitter. This was 4 coats with Top Coat. This polish looks dark in most indoor lighting conditions, and an occasional glimmer of the gold glitter is visible. Next time I wear this I will definitely be layering it over a similar base colour. For some reason I thought this would only need 2 coats but I needed 4.

mysterious dim lighting

I am holding Confetti my Favorite Martian

Here is a quick skittles of the Green Nail fetish polish's I have rounded up in my town. These all required 4 or more coats, they are very pretty but thin = thats old skool polish. I guess it was acceptable in the early 90's to be sheer and need multiple coats. I do not own anything similar to Poison Ivy, or Lizard, so I have nothing to compare it to.

Nail Fetish Sci-Fi, Poison Ivy, Lizard

Nail Fetish Sci-Fi, Poison Ivy, Lizard, Sci-Fi

Nail fetish Sci-Fi, Poison Ivy, Lizard

all the Nail Fetish Polish's I have rounded up in my town
Left to Right ( with links to mani's )

Crush - Holographic Multi-sized Glitter
Gothic - Midnight Blue with micro-glitter - like Essie Starry Night or Nat Robins Midnight Hour
Grape Going - Frosty Glitter - my nemesis, but the base colour is fabulous!
Gravy Train - My Favorite! a frosty/shimmery dirty peach with prominent gold shimmer
Foxy - a beautiful sheer mahogany base with gold micro-glitter
Sci-Fi - a shimmery light apple green  = that that has some frosty tendencies -a 'Pearle' perhaps?
Poison Ivy - a medium green that is somewhat frosty
Lizard - a dark green with lots of shimmer

If anyone in the world has these and has better colour descriptions for these let me know! My favirote is Gravy Train, The gold micro glitter in Foxy something special.

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