Sunday, August 29, 2010

♥ Sinful Colors All About You layered over San Francisco ♥

Award winning macro shot

2 coats of Sinful All About You layered over San Francisco... I love those metallic gold chunks of fleck ---sooo pretty!

NOTE: are those flecks? are they glitter? I think they are 'flecks' I hope I am right because any polish with semi translucent chunks of -whatever they are-... I have been calling "flecks" So if I am wrong please let me know ♥♥♥

I am in love with this Sinful Colors brand of polish.... $ 1.50 USD = wow. They are available on Cherry Culture for $2.00 USD... I did not check the shipping, though. They have so many beautiful finishes in their core line that I found at Walgreen. You lucky USA girls!

The gold chunks of metallic gold fleck in this polish All About You; are just gorgeous. I decided to layer it over a shimmery green to really get those gold flecks to pop. I like the sparse copper glitter in this polish... there is just enough of it to compliment the amount of gold fleck and not overpowering or competing with the flecks. Is that a fluke ~ or a well thought out glitter combination.... it seems most glitter/fleck concoctions are just a mish mash of components..... but this seems like someone put alot of thought into it.

All about you seemed really thick but was easy to apply and dried fast. I like the idea of layering these types of polish over their opposite colour ( on the colour wheel ), It creates a totally unique look.

Setting Sun



Neat! I found this at the Dollarrama in my town for $2.00!

I have the 'real' Salon Shaper from TV, and that was found in the infomercial aisle at Walmart a few years ago. I think most of these battery operated nail files are only as good as their batteries.  It is a good idea to purchase good quality batteries for all these types of things.I will do a full review of it and post my results.
These things are great to have for an artificial nail wearer. I don't mind hand filing my artificial nails but some people may appreciate this device.

I have also used this for small projects around my home as I find a Dremel tool intimidating, this has a slower rpm and the grinding wheels do a good job of some softer woods and plastic items during my crafty hobbies.

The rest of the photos in this post are of Sinful Colors San Francisco, 3 coats with no Top Coat. I had planned on layering Sinful Colors All about You over this.  I really love the shade of green this polish is. It's a little too sheer but totally worth 4 to 4 coats. Next time I wear it I will use a 'buff' shade of polish first and layer Sinful San Francisco over it. 

 Sinful Colors San Fransisco 3 coats no TC.

Indoor Flo


Shade w/ Flash


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